Saturday, April 10, 2010

Proud of our Soldier

My husband is kind of, most defiantly my Hero. He makes me so proud on a daily basis. He wakes up with pride in his job and goes to PT without grumbling (he ALWAYS kisses me goodbye, forgiving my troll breath and all), No matter how tired he is when he comes home he always has a kind word for the kids and lays next to his little man (mister Aidan) for a few minutes to have Father/Son time. He goes to work and loves his job. He may not necessarily love the people he works with all the time, but his job......he couldn't be any more proud to be a Cav Scout.

He does his job with pride everyday. One of the things he takes the most seriously (as should all Soldiers) is Funeral detail. It does take away from our weekends or evenings, but I would expect those honors at a funeral for him were it to come to that, and so he does his part. His unit was part of yet another Funeral Detail this past month and did it with such detail and honor that a CSM (Command Sargent Major) of Fort Gordon, Ga was in attendance of this particular funeral and made sure that the Soldiers who were there that day were given a certificate of Appreciation and a challenge coin.
I think he looks SOOOOO good in his Class A uniform. MMMM! So proud of our Cav Scout!

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