Tuesday, April 13, 2010

?~ Mystery Lump~?

You can kind of see the lump on my jaw if you look hard for it.... Here I'll show you...
Right there between my fingers.
Hmmm I wonder what you are?

I have had a small lump on my jaw/cheek for about a decade now. I first noticed it when it was about the size of a pencil eraser tip. As of late it has grown a bit to be about the size of my thumb print. It's not particularly painful, just rather obnoxious and uncomfortable if pressed hard. I'm guessing a cyst. Wanna play guess the lump?

I'm sure I could have it removed but I've been reluctant.......hello...McFly! It's on muh FACE! lol Do I REALLLLLLYY trust anyone to cut something out of my face and not leave some sexy scar? Uh ya....thus my reluctance....however...which is worse.......sexy lump? Or sexy scar? Hmmmmm Let's see what the Doctor says today.

By the way...PLEASE ignore that haggard look of my face in this picture as I had only 2 hours of sleep and had just gotten up to get the kids off to school and no make up.....just adding to the utter hottness of my lump, which I will now name Gertrude. Gertrude will you stay or will you go?

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