Monday, April 26, 2010

Camp Guernsey, Wyoming Training

Daddy had just gotten off the buses back from Guernsey. He was so thrilled to see his boy! Michael, Cody and Matthew were still off camping with Jon and couldn't be there when Matt got home but it was soon after that they got home.

At the beginning of April Matt's unit went to Camp Guernsey, Wyoming for 3 weeks of training. The area there is closer to what Afghanistan (where they are deploying this coming is like than here in Louisiana and I'm glad. Matt said that this training was great! He feels so much better prepared and that makes me feel much safer having him go! The more prepared he feels the safer he is! This top photo is of Matt's truck that he drives. Unfortunately you can't see Matt driving but the gunner up top is Spc. Schessel. By the way, all these pictures were taken with Matt's cell phone! YAY for cell phone cameras or I wouldn't have gotten ANY pictures of this trip.

These are guys in Matt's unit doing high angle firing. Once again, Matt's behind the camera and not in the

Ahhhh there's my man! RWAR! I'm sorry but Cav Scout's are hawt! Mine especially. Even in his "man dress" haha. They did force on force. For part of the training they were the good guys and for part had to be the bad guys...thus the sexy dress...mmmm

I love this pic!

Matt also got to ride on his first helicopter during this training and I know how excited he was for this!

I mean come on....look at his face! He's like a kid in a candy store....and LOOK folks....Sgt. Capen....... WITH A SMILE! This is a miracle! Hmm perhaps he's smiling ever so largely because he's imagineing throwing people out of the chinook... HAHA

Once man. Mine, mine, mine.......I am so proud to be his wife. He's a rather fantastic guy!

Here is the links to the 2 articles written about Matt's unit while in Wyoming doing training. It gives some good info on what Cav Scouts really do and the training needed, as well as how Wyoming replicates at least some of what it will be like during their deployment to Afghanistan later this year.

1st article:
2nd article:

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