Saturday, April 24, 2010

1st Halloween and 1st day of school for Mikey and Cody

Excuse me.....EXCUSE ME!! but are these boy's not too freaking cute!!!! Cody's 1st day of pre-k and Michael's 1st day of kindergarten (Michael skipped pre-k, no point making a kid sit and learn colors and what not when he could read by then) .........eekkkk I'm a big bawl baby looking at my boy's when they were so small! Those memories are some of my favorites as a Mommy!

Look how big Cody is in comparison to Michael already here.

That grin said it all..........."I'm so leave Mom!" lol

Cody on kite day.

Cody and Michael's 2nd halloween. Michael was a goat (thank you Aunt Amy for passing that costume on it rocked) and Cody obviously was a bumble bee.

Cody's 1st halloween he was a dino and had a frankenstien costume too. Man I wish I could find that picture it was soo cute!
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