Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jackson Hole

Today I decided to take the boys and Mom for a drive to Swan Valley, Palasaides resivoir to see all the beautiful foliage, we got up there and it was spectacluar! I took about 50 pictures in all. The boys loved it, and Matthew really thought the trees and water was amazing. We pulled off a few times and had little photo ops, and then went on,,....and on...and on...and finaly we realized we were practicaly in Jackson Hole, so we just kept on going. The boys thought the Antler arches at the park were cool, and Mom was a lot of fun. She got down in the leaves and let them cover her from head to toe and then did each boy in turn. We had to get some dinner since we weren't going to get home before 9pm and with school tomorrow we ate at Village Inn. EW! For being in a WESTERN town I only had non English speaking help, a Bosnian Host, Russian Waiter, and a cook that somehow got lost in the our food was ...interesting and the service was funny. The poor waiter was really trying hard to understand the order, he finaly ALMOST got it right but I decided just to smile and nod and leave it be. Good news, Cody FINALLY learned how to tie his shoes! THANKS AUNT MANDA! Jon and I have been trying for years to get him motivated to do it without being forced to sit and try, and finally Manda got him to do it! We tried the two different methods multiple times and he just didn't want to do it, it just seemed an insurmountable task, but today he just ploped on down, tied it and was all smiles, it wasn't perfect, and didn't stay, but he was willing to retie them over and over and over! WOHOOO!

We headed on home and the drive back in the dark with three tired kids was not as fun as the way up but We loved it. Jon I wish you could have been there! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!