Sunday, August 19, 2007

flight of the bumblebee

that's the song that hasn't left my head all day! Talk about a whirlwind day. For those of you who don't already know, Jon will be deploying September some time. Yes, I know you are all thinking, "But he just got back!". And you would be right. He did just get back, not to mention we just moved exactly 44 days ago and literally unpacked our last few boxes a week or so ago, and yet we are gone! We found out only last week that Jon is selected to deploy again. In light of his speedy with drawl he has decided that we should move back to Idaho for the deployment in case my health declines again. This is a secret to my family at least, and seeing as only Danny knows we are coming ( well, we had to have someone go look at rental houses for us now didn't we?!?!?) and Kristy, but she is now in South Carolina and sworn to secrecy. Amy and David and Mom (obviously) never read our blog so ha....Danny set it up so that he is having his son Jaxen blessed on Saturday at Mom's Ward and we are going to show up and surprise them, hopefully not so much so as to make Mom have a heart attack.
So all day today has been packing the boys clothes, doing all the laundry over and over again ( I have three boys and husband in the Army who literally has to wear three outfits a day not including the swim trunks for the pool and the towels that go with that), cleaning out toy bins, dusting everything in sight, taking paintings off walls and stacking all the pots, pans and dishes as to make it faster for the packers tomorrow morning. Making last minute stops to the store to get road necessities and not to mention all the hullabaloo it takes to get signed out off post and signing your kids out of school on short notice. And since this is all jammed together and probably disease ridden with my grammatical mistakes you will have likely guessed that YES I AM ALL WARM AND FUZZY with "Le Percocett" ( ah thank you Dr. Llundell) my back is constantly giving me grieve and the meds near bed time ease my suffering just enough to get me off the sleep.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...back to the song....haha "flight of the bumblebee" That is a nutshell has been my day, discombobulated and loco! Oh goodie we are off to Idaho! I'll post pictures of the house we are renting in a later blog but for now Jon and I are sneaking off for our last moonlight swim! Nightie Night!