Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finally moved in

So the last blog I wrote was about us MOVING tooooo Idaho..well, here we are. We have successfully moved into a rental house in the new edition of Cloverdale. We got here and scared Mom, Amy, Ross, Dave, and Melissa to death. We were hideing up the stairs in the dark at the church where Dan and Manda were have Jaxen blessed. Dan had them all wait at the bottom and said there was a surprise. Mikey and Cody went bounding down the stairs and Mom was shaking, it was fun. No one had a clue we were coming at all.
Mom has been such a trooper with helping us out with babysitting every other night almost. Between errand running, setting up house, and trying to get in a few dates here and there. She watched all three boys and Jupiter over the weekend so Jon and I could escape and go to the destinations inn for two nights, this time while NOT As we did last time in December. At $200.00 a night, that was the most expensive toilet I have ever soiled. But it was a wonderful weekend. We had chinese take out and walked around downtown shopping, skipping off to movies whenever we wanted too and purchased a dvd camcorder so we can make home movies to send to Jon when he is in Iraq.

The next few days were a frenzy of unpacking, decorating and whirlwind shopping trips to outfit a home yet again, it is amazing how many things you had that may have worked in a previous house that either don't work or the movers have broken or stolen. Which is why there are no pictures, sorry folks.
Jon was amazing~!!! I had that man running ragged helping me get a home ready so I wouldn't have to do it on my own after he left. He is really such an amazing husband and Father. He took each boy out on two Father son nights seperatly. The boys loved having one on one time with him.
We had only two days out of almost three weeks when we were home without someone there visting or playing games, so much fun.

Well today was the day. We've been dreading it for weeks now . The boys and I kept bursting into tears on and off all week. Last night we went on our last date for a few months. If we are lucky he will get leave for 4 days in October or November so that will be awesome!
He packed his things and we snuggled and fell asleep holding hands. We spent the morning just trying to hold it together and then spent an hour and a half at the IF airport waiting for hi flight. I did really well right until the last The boys each broken down and were clawing at him, which tore him apart and so then he and I were gonners. We came home and fortunatly have had plenty to occupy our minds. Danny and Manda are moving into the basement for a while to help take care of me ( well, more to put Jon's mind at ease) and to save a little money, hey man why not we have the room and we get along really well! So I cleaned house and did laundry until there wasn't anything left to do and luckily they called to say they were moving in stuff today so PHEW! something to do! I am so gratefull that Jon is able to call me, so in between each layover, Just knowing I can hear his voice is What I need.
Well it's dinner time and I better get cracking!