Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chili Fest Cook-off and Vetren's Day Program

Oh my, my, my! I should never be allowed to go to a Veteran's Day program for my kids alone again! Especially right after Matt deploys... oi! That was a tough one. Those sweet little voices singing so proudly, seeing the parents stand who were Veteran's past and present and then seeing Cody cry when he said he was heart broken that his Dad (Matt) couldn't be there. It was very poignant.

Cody's video had a very silly little boy in the front row who either can't sing or chose to sing off key on purpose..lol funny.

Also on the last few weeks our Apache wives (the family readiness group for Matt's unit, we call our selves Apache Wives for those of you who are civilian) entered the Fall Fest Chili Cook-Off. It was sooooo fun! It was windy, rainy and F-F-F-REEEZING batman! Despite all that it was a blast and OMGRACIOUS the chili was good! We had some awesome women show up to help pass it out, decorate the booth and chop, stir and cook it with us. We even won "People Choice Best Tasting Chili" Which we all thought we deserved of course..lol We were lucky ANYONE showed up with the pouring rain we had that day. Fall Fest was a bit of a bust but I already can't wait for next year!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Matt tried on Michael's halloween costume.
At the pumpkin patch with Aidan
Miss Caite, Michae and Cody about to meet Billy the Exterminator from tv. Excited much?

Figured I would hop in there for a picture too.

Just a cute pic of Matt and I after one of the kids football games

Matt was a LITTLE excited.........ya..just a smidge.

Michael the washing machine

Matty was Peter Pan

Aidan was going to be a sock money but my sewing skills aren't as great as I hoped and he got Harry Potter instead.

Cody wanted to be a bank robber.

And these are curtosey of my Mother in law who told me Matt was Peter Pan for his 1st halloween....BBWWHAHAHAHA

OK so as we can all tell, I am VERY behind on posting. We've had a lot of football, frg functions, and school projects taking up a good bit of my time, thus blog posting comes in last! There are som MUCH MUCH MUCH better ones coming when I finally post our amazing photo session from seraphinos photography, but for now, this was our lame family shoot we did before halloween with Matt.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

9 Months Old!

Teeth, teeth, teeth. I feel like this entire month has been about teeth! Aidan cut in his 1st bottom tooth not long ago and this in the three weeks since Matt left has cut in two more and the fourth not far behind. As you would assume, this three weeks has not been a fun three weeks..lol.
The crawling has FINALLY happened. It's more of a belly scoot, then lean back and sit up, then repeat..lol but, it's movement. He just hasn't been interested in being mobile and frankly I haven't minded too much. It means more Mommy cuddle time and less exploring! Soon enough he will be off like a little rocket in every which direction, so I will soak up all of the "I need Momma" time I can get. Besides, all the hugs and cuddles help with the pain of missing my love.
"Da, Da" there has been a lot of "Da, da, da, da,da" going on, we aren't sure if he really knows that it means "DADA" or if it's more of a sound he enjoys, he does however seem to do it most when Matt gets on the web camera and talks to him. He has actually been nursing while I was on web cam with Matt (yes, I do that on camera. Any face time we get together we take and if that happens to fall into his feeding schedule so be it) and Aidan will hear Matt's voice and pull off, turn to the computer, say "Da, dadadada" and wave his little hand at the screen and grin. It MELTS ME!!!! I am loving that he knows who to look at when I say"where's Momma?" or "Where's Mikey?" .

Pulling up~ YES!! finally there too! He may not be a speed crawler but he is finally interested in grabbing a hold and hauling himself up. He does it to me mostly, but once there standing he wants to be turned and allowed to hold onto the couch looking back at his brothers who tend to play with him a lot. It's too cute.
Also...note the video Daddy, of him feeding himself fruit puffs! Yay!!

I am a bit behind on posts so next up, Halloween, and soon to follow the MOST AMAZING FAMILY PICTURES EVER!!!!!!!!!!
I heart Seraphino's photography! Amy Smith is just amazingly talented!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Murphey's Law

Ya, Murphey thinks he's got jokes for Rachael this week! You know the old saying "When it rains it pours"? Well I have never been more thankful for being raised with a positive outlook than I was this past two weeks.
Things that made these last two weeks suck~
~Matt deployed
~The older three boys attitudes went haywire (to be expected , however, not allowed)
~I lost the master copy of the snack list for football games thus I didn't remind the right parent and the team had no snack at Thursday's game making me feel like a heel!
~ Aidan is cutting 3 new teeth, making him an all night screamer/ never wants to be put down.
~Three day long migraine kicked my butt.
~Lice was going around and school and for a second I thought Cody had it, thus all 3 older kids got high and tight hair cuts to avoid this..lol after all I have over 2 feet of hair...I don't need lice in the house!
~Some tool stole Matt's debit card information and drained his bank account. Ya, this one was a doosie.
~I forgot where I put my Power of Attorney (SUPER stupid move and I was thoroughly upset with myself for not having filed it away correctly), which I needed to send into Matt's bank to take care of the stolen money issue ASAP. Yup......I'm AWESOME like that.
~Both Michael and Cody have a 3 page research paper due and my laptop power cord wouldn't work, thus leaving us with no computer with which to research or type up the paper.
~I needed to do a wire transfer and after 3 attempts from my bank account it wouldn't work, and since I had a brand new card and brand new pin number I couldn't remember it...lol Yep, again, another shining moment of Rachaelness.
~I shampooed my carpets only to later that night have Aidan have explosive diarrhea out the diaper. Michael swooped him up in a second when he saw it and then gagged, allowing Aidan's foot to step in it and smoosh it all over the carpets. I finally lost it then and there, sat down on the couch and laughed with the kids until we cried. AHHH laughter what it will do for your soul!

I found put on my big girl panties and dealt with life! The kids learned that deployment or not attitudes aren't acceptable, we missed Matt like crazy but it helps that we get to see him on web camera and watch videos we took of Matt reading bedtime stories (this helps a lot!). The kids got hair cuts. I bought a new charger cord hopeing this will last until we can afford a new laptop (tax season I can not wait for you!).
Tylenol is my friend, both for Aidan's teeth and my head. I found the P.O.A. and got the bank mess straightened out and the money back! YAY!!!! Got my pin number sent in the mail, and re shampooed the carpets all the while taking deep breaths, and finding a way to giggle through it. All because my Mother and Father raised me to not let things get you down, and because my kids are amazing and my husband gave me words of encouragement and made me smile. Telling me he had complete confidence in me. Murphey, I tip my hat to you and say "Well played sir, well played".
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saying Those Painful Goodbye's

Well, that time has come and gone and in odd way's we are grateful to get this started. The coming deployment has loomed over us like a dark storm cloud for a long time and to finally get the goodbye's done and start the counting down weeks means we can look for silver linings and get into a routine. ARG I hate deployments, and I know all my veteran deployment spouses are feelin me on that one. Blech- did I say how much they suck? Ya, I did, but they sure do make you appreciate the small moments all that much more. Like a 4 second long phone call of nothing but static from another country. Hours spent trying to connect to a messenger service to get a glimpse of your loved one. Or unexpected pictures. There is a wonderful group of Vets and families that show up at the airport our guys went through who stop and take pictures and post them for their families and that sure made our day. Seeing a random picture of him eating lunch, yep, we smiled and cried and smiled and cried some more. Ya, we're emo like that. It was more than chilly out the night we dropped him, and seeing as you can't sit in your personal vehical with your weapon that meant standing outside freezing....well,I wasn't cold...mmm butt warmers! Sorry sweet cheeks....Leave it to a Soldier to figure something out..lol he grabbed one of Aidan's baby blankets in the back and snuggled into it..he's so cute!

As for me smiling......ya I wasn't in a smiley mood, however remember that "inappropriate reaction to stress" I have? Ya...there it goes rearing it's obnoxious head. Grins when all I could think of was "don't cry, don't cry, not yet. Hold it in just a little longer". Those hugs will have to last until R&R, just don't be standing in my way when he gets off that plane..lol you will be trampled! You have been warned.

And here is Cody, looseing it, or just about too. This shot breaks my heart over and over. My sweet little Tank.

I was able to hold it together really well up until the good bye's to the kids, man those were tough, cody about killed me. He sat back on the couch and allowed the other boy's to have their goodbyes and his eyes welled up and he practically refused to say his goodbye. They hugged and he held those tears in...just about to pour over the rims of his eyes and I said "Cody it's ok to cry hunny, Daddy wants to cry too" and that did it, he lost it. We've had a few phone calls from school saying he's cried during class a few times so we are putting a lot of time into making packages and drawings and letter writing. Seeing him on the web camera had all 3 older boys running for the computer bawling! But what a wonderful release that was for them. A few tears turned into happy faces and jabbering about how they are going to win this game or that to make Dad/Coach Morris proud.

Matt and Cpt. Gilchrest in Afghanistan.

Well, now he's there, made it safely to his final destination and settling in, just as we are settling into a routine. Our new normal. Time to put on the big girl panties and the "everything is fine" smile and start some projects to keep myself sane!

~We miss you and love you Matthew. We are impatiently waiting for you to come home safely. Counting down the weeks (because there are just too many days to count!). Missing you with all that I am.................
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holiday Decor

Just a few of the things I have made lately....... The Mummy I made years ago at a church social but it's been revamped this fall. The banner is new, I got the idea here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/39132830/moselle-haunted-bunting) I used printer paper, black poster board, black tissue paper (to make the ruffles, it's just folded accordian style and glued one underneath the triangular printed template) and 3 different ribbons. It actualy only took about an hour to make and I just love it!

The moss balls were something to fill the space. That hall table has been a pain to get it to look like anything I wanted so I'm experimenting with this. Foam balls with moss hot glued on...eh it works.
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