Friday, November 30, 2007

I have got the toughest kids on earth! Mikey and Cody each had some big dental work that needed done. The Dentist we saw in Arizona was basically useless, and once we got to Texas unfortunately my health issues sort of took precedence and Jon and I both feel awful that the boys dental work was left. As soon as we got here we got in ASAP. Dr. Randy Smith here in Idaho Falls is AMAZING! If you ever know someone who needs a referral to a great's one! He did the work up on the boys and we talked, he explained that both boys had a few things that needed done. Mikey needed a tooth to be pulled, where the dentist in Arizona had done such shoddy work, he needed a filling and root treatment on another, and had traumatized saliva glands on his lip that were swollen and sticking out, that unless surgically removed would have remained there. I know allot of you have seen them on his lip and wondered what they were. Cody had to have a tooth pulled that both the dentist in Arizona and in Texas neglected to catch that it was abscessed, he needed two small fillings. Because having a tooth pulled and having fillings done can be traumatizing to kids their age and they offer sedation for long procedures, and then kids aren't afraid to go back to the dentist! Both boys had their work done this morning. The boys weren't allowed to eat or drink after midnight last night so needless to say they were hard to keep out of the kitchen this morning! When we got there Cody went first, while in the waiting room the nurse handed him a small cup with medicine that turned him loopy! It was hilarious, he and Mikey both (once Mikey had it) kept trying to get up and walk around, I had to hold them down and distract them.. With Cody Mikey asked him to say his ABCs and because it was so hilarious the first time I had to record it the second. The nurses and another lady in the waiting area were rolling! Man I couldn't even hold the camera steady, you have to listen close, phew...funny funny funny!

Mikey's video isn't nearly as long, I felt bad for the little guy, he drifted off really FAST! and wasn't playful, but I only tried for a minute so I could show him later on. When he woke up though, he was completely incoherent for two full hours, from the time he was opening his eyes and looking around he kept trying to get up and walk off and talk, none of which was working! He only realized where he was an hour and a half after we were home. They are however enjoying themselves now, loads of ice cream, sherbet, chicken noodle soup, milkshakes, jello and puddings galore! Gag. My stomach would hurt so badly right now.

The last picture is of the tree house the dentists office has for kids to play in while they wait...obviously NOT when they've had that medicine to drink, and last is of Cody waiting to wake up while Mikey was being worked on. I was hoping the pictures would end up down here but oh well. ! What a fun day!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Cody really likes to have me help him make super hero masks an put on the capes they have and run around just being boys. I just had to share what a cute pic this was!


How cute is that hair! lordy would ya look at
We use sign language a lot to say "I love you" to each other, and the boys do it each morning as they leave for school, Matthew has been desperately atemping to make his little fingers cooperate and FINALLY yesterday they did..hoorah! HE WAS SOOOOOOOOOO PROUD! Now we can't get him to cute!

P.s. I do dress my child...he's two..he has the tendency to

The Christmas Tree

Well we finally decorated our Christmas tree, as I am sure most of you have already done, and my boys usually help do it Thanksgiving day, but there were other things to do that day so we put it off, had Mom come over and we just let the boys at it.....we even things out after they went to bed but they did most of the tree decorating this year, it was fun! Mikey was very good at delegating where they should go, and Cody was great about climbing in and under and around to place them where Mikey said too. Matthew helped too, At fist he just stripped of his Jammie's and put on the Santa hat, sat on the stool and zoned out to the Polar Express, but after a while he got even sillier and put on some stockings I are a few good there is only one of Cody, as after a few minutes he decided to write Mom and I "I love you notes that he would wad up and THROW at us from the other was fun! Hot Cocoa and Apple cider and cookies. What a fun night.

my baby brother

Matthew has finally overcome the baby gate. As of this last week he will scale the gate, sneak his door open, and walk down the hall with stealth to Mikey and Cody's room and get in bed with Cody and play. Last night Cody heard Matthew get up before I did and he called down the hall to me "Don't worry 'bout it Mom,I got this". cute! So he hopped out of bed (any excuse to get out of bed) and said "come on Matty, back to bed, lets go" and grabbed his hand and walked him back to bed, helped him climb back over the gate, and went in with him, turned off the light, and said "now into bed little man., come on, I'll tuck tuck tuck, now would you like a puppy or a bear to snuggle?, ok here's your bear, now I'll sing you a song so lay down all the way" I then hear him sing

"I see the moon and the moon See's me,

Smiling through the branches of the old oak tree,

please let the moon that shines on me, shine on the ones I love"

"over the mountains and over the sea's that's where my heart it longing to be

please let the moon that shines on me

shine on the ones I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

It's the song Jon taught the boys to sing before his last deployment and it helps them to feel close to him, we sing it almost every night at bed.

He then climbed back over the gate and as he closed the door said "Now stay in bed young man , we love you, ni-night"

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW my heart boy can be so sweet!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Thanksgiving to be thankfull for

This Thanksgiving was an interesting one to say the least. A week ago I got an email from Cody's biological Father Jarrod, asking if he could come see Cody some time before Christmas and what gift he could get for the boys. I was a little thrown off, and had a lot of reservations but in my heart I knew this was the right thing for both Cody and Jarrod to grow. I've always promised Mikey and Cody's biological fathers that if they were to ever grow up enough and want to know these amazing Kids that I wouldn't keep them from them so long as their lives were in order (no drugs, alcoholism, have a on) But that these men would only ever Uncle or family friend roll. Well, I told him that we had thanksgiving break or Christmas break and so he thought Thanksgiving break would be a good time. I made sure I talked to Jon about it in depth before I said yes or no, I wanted his opinion, and he told me that he knew that as hard as it was for him to say yes and allow this, that it's the right thing to do, that if we have truly forgiven Jarrod for his choices earlier in Cody's life as we say we have, that we should have no problem saying yes, so we said yes.
I made sure to talk to Cody in depth about this. He and Mikey have always known that he has a Daddy that helped Make him and a Daddy who loves and cares for him. It was something Jon and I always felt we had to be honest with the about. We told them that the Daddy that helped make them wasn't grown up enough to love and take care of them the way they deserved to be loved and so Heavenly Father had special Father (JON) set aside who could love us all unconditionally. Cody was excited about meeting him, this is the first time they have ever seen one another. It was CREEPY how much a like they looked and how many little idiosyncrasies they had in common, facial expressions, mannerisms. They took to each other like they were best friends. Coloring, chatting, playing football, eating was really cool. Jarrod brought his girlfriend Courtney with him. She was really sweet, she is a prek teacher and came bearing gifts. She brought Cody a giant Tupperware container full of art supplies! Markers, crayons, paints, papers, and a giant coloring book of pirates of the Caribbean, which he can jarrod colored a lot of and had me help him hang them all over the house. as of today we have She also brought Cody a stuffed Rat , Remy, from Ratatouille, and Mikey the brother Rat, Eimile, and Matthew a great set of soft toy cars that he went BONKERS over. They were great about playing with all three boys, and not showing Cody too much favoritism..well they tried really hard!

We ended up having Mom for Thanksgiving and Amy stopped by but had to jet, the rest of the family were off having dinner at their in laws houses this year. Dinner was great,but after a long day of cooking,..I wasn't all that!
The next morning Jarrod had invited Cody to go swimming at Hiese hot springs and I think that he felt a little scared to go alone so he asked Mikey and I to come along. We went but let Jarrod and Cody and Courtney have some alone time in the pool , let them talk and get to know him. They played in the water with Mikey too so he wouldn't feel left out.
After wards I caved and let Jarrod and Courtney take Cody to leo's place and a movie. I don't think I will do it again soon, not that they did anything wrong, they didn't, I just wasn't ready for that, it was a big step and I just didn't feel fully comfortable with it just yet, but hey I am really trying! They came back and colored some more, and just had some time hanging out in his room playing. After they left Cody was really clingy, and you could tell his emotions were all over the place. He slept with me last night and told me over and over that he thinks jarrod is really cool and lots of fun but that his Daddy is cooler and he misses him. I told him it's ok to care for Jarrod and that Jon won't be mad if he does, that he isn't in trouble for caring for him. Things went much better than expected and he did really well with all of this. I was really proud of Mikey too, taking it all in stride. He was really mature about trying to give them some alone time.
As for other news, Jon is on the move, he is no longer in Kuwait and is finally in Iraq. He isn't to his final destination, but at least he's half way there. They just really want to get there and get working! All this "hurry up and wait" is getting to these men, they are men of action and being retrained each week on stuff they trained on for months is getting to them. Jon needs a busy environment to help him pass the time.
Jon is getting over a nasty cold, and as some of you know he got burned by some flying shell casing that went down the back of his neck between his neck and IBAS (built proof vest) so they were stuck there a few seconds really searing onto his skin, it's only 2nd degree burns but where they are his clothes rub at it all day, and I'm sure it's painful, but typical Jon, he isn't complaining about it.! MAN I love him! well I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! Love THE HOWARDS!

Friday, November 9, 2007

late pictures of halloween

I wasn't here for halloween this year since I was there with Jon in Kansas. But Aunt Manda and Uncle Dan were helpfull and took them out so here are the cute pics of them. Mikey was a Ninja, Cody was a Ninja Turtle and Matthew was a Dragon..RAR...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Island park and family

Well, we got back to Idaho Falls at 11 pm on the 1st and woke up at 7, hit the road with the kids and headed to Island park, where we had rented a cabin, solely to be alone, no one but the kids and us. Well, Jon's Mom and sister wanted to see him before he leaves for Iraq this week and this was the only time they were able to come so we upgraded to a larger cabin to accomadate all of us. Poor Tamra's littlest had pneumonia and she wans't sure if she could come and I just assumed (yes assumed) she would be coming and called some of my family to take advantage of the extra large cabin we were now renting. It had two bedrooms on the main floor with one queen bed in each, a full kitchen dining and living room and bathroom with washer and dryer, had a full basement that wasn't furnished yet, and a third bedroom being finished, a loft with two more queen beds, a balcony, and full bath, and a reading/tv nook with bean bags and a coffee table over looking the living room. A wrap around deck with a hot tub and gas grill and three entrance/exits. It was AMAZING! so I knew we would have extra space and didn't want to pay for an upgraded cabin and not use it so I called family to see who could come and BAM David, Mel and thier two kids, Amy and her two, and My Mom, and Jon's Mom Shirleen and his sister Tamra was able to come and even brought her older boy Jarred who is 8 ( think...or close to it) so all in all there was 16 people for one night. The first night Jon and the boys and I were the only ones there, We went to Yellowstone National park the next day while waiting for guests and had a blast! Mikey is so interested in science and nature and animals I thought he would burst at all the cool things we saw. Unfortunatly the colors in the photos were nearly as bright and the steam sort of made the pictures not really pop but it was so much prettier than the photos show! The second we had 16 and the third, only Jon's Mom and sister and nephew were able to stay with us. While we had everyone we had lots of fun, lots of food and lots of games, hot tubbing, four wheeling (thanks Dave) and even a little shooting for Jon and Dave (so jealous but hey someone had to watch my Jon and David led a sacrament service in the house for the family members who wanted to participate so that we didn't have to go searching for a church and it was nice. It was so fun to get that many family together without some function that was stressfull like a wedding or funeral. It was all about hanging out and family! it was great. Thanks for everyones help! We should do it again in the summer! I am going to try and load a ton of pics so be