Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Island park and family

Well, we got back to Idaho Falls at 11 pm on the 1st and woke up at 7, hit the road with the kids and headed to Island park, where we had rented a cabin, solely to be alone, no one but the kids and us. Well, Jon's Mom and sister wanted to see him before he leaves for Iraq this week and this was the only time they were able to come so we upgraded to a larger cabin to accomadate all of us. Poor Tamra's littlest had pneumonia and she wans't sure if she could come and I just assumed (yes assumed) she would be coming and called some of my family to take advantage of the extra large cabin we were now renting. It had two bedrooms on the main floor with one queen bed in each, a full kitchen dining and living room and bathroom with washer and dryer, had a full basement that wasn't furnished yet, and a third bedroom being finished, a loft with two more queen beds, a balcony, and full bath, and a reading/tv nook with bean bags and a coffee table over looking the living room. A wrap around deck with a hot tub and gas grill and three entrance/exits. It was AMAZING! so I knew we would have extra space and didn't want to pay for an upgraded cabin and not use it so I called family to see who could come and BAM David, Mel and thier two kids, Amy and her two, and My Mom, and Jon's Mom Shirleen and his sister Tamra was able to come and even brought her older boy Jarred who is 8 ( think...or close to it) so all in all there was 16 people for one night. The first night Jon and the boys and I were the only ones there, We went to Yellowstone National park the next day while waiting for guests and had a blast! Mikey is so interested in science and nature and animals I thought he would burst at all the cool things we saw. Unfortunatly the colors in the photos were nearly as bright and the steam sort of made the pictures not really pop but it was so much prettier than the photos show! The second we had 16 and the third, only Jon's Mom and sister and nephew were able to stay with us. While we had everyone we had lots of fun, lots of food and lots of games, hot tubbing, four wheeling (thanks Dave) and even a little shooting for Jon and Dave (so jealous but hey someone had to watch my kids..lol) Jon and David led a sacrament service in the house for the family members who wanted to participate so that we didn't have to go searching for a church and it was nice. It was so fun to get that many family together without some function that was stressfull like a wedding or funeral. It was all about hanging out and family! it was great. Thanks for everyones help! We should do it again in the summer! I am going to try and load a ton of pics so be patient..lol


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looks like you had a lot of fun!Love ya

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Spending time with family is great!