Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fort Knox Kentucky trip for Matt's graduation

OH MAN!!!! Did I need this trip! I have to admit, that though I am an old hand now at deployments, and TDY's, that being an Enlisted Soldier's wife is so much harder than it was as an officer's wife. I love learning and having all of these new experiences but man, being separated as newlyweds for this last 8 weeks has been FAR harder than I expected it to be! During a TDY (temporary duty station) or deployment I would normally get weekly if not every few days phone calls, and almost daily emails and instant messaging/web camera face time, after the initial few weeks when they set everything up. During Matt's BCT portion of his OSUT however I got in total 8 phone calls, 3 were all business, "I'm here I'm safe goodbye" or "our new bank information is..." 30 second to 2 minute calls, then at the end a few 3 -5 minute calls telling me when graduation was and so on, absolutely NO computer time, and living off of letters. Which was all expected however much harder to endure than I I live for his letters! So this trip to reunite with him for 3 days was all that was keeping me really going.
It was way too expensive to take myself and the boys so I left them with Jon, and flew out at 5 am Thursday, and good thing I left a day early because this trip has been Murphy's Law left, right and center! LORDY! The flight was over weight, we took off, and landed right away, unloaded some luggage and a few passengers and took back off, an hour and 45 min flight turned into an almost 5 hour flight, we ended up circling over Houston for an hour due to fog, ran low on fuel, got diverted, sat at a poe dunk airport for hours, until we got the go ahead to land in Houston, missed 2 connecting flights, had a 4 hour lay over before my last flight, got in and there was major car rental drama which almost reverted me to tears, and I was saved from and $80.00 cab fare by my awesome sister in law and Mother in law! PHEW they had driven up from FL and were only an hour or so from the airport, so they took me to my hotel! The next day they picked me up and we went to Fort Knox, (where we took a picture that is evidently illegal because it's too close to the gate operations at Knox, even though we didn't get the gate procedures in the picture...opps naughty us) then we stood for forever in the waiting area of the theater while the Soldier's did a run through. We were finally seated and it was torture! Seeing all those Soldier's, it was a like a sea of them and you wanted to scream out your Soldier's name and hope he turned so you could see him. It killed me sitting there waiting to see him, waiting for him to be released. Mom and Brittany walked down and were snapping pictures looking for him. If you can see he was in the 3rd row in about the middle of the picture. They had a really cool program where they did skits on the difference between what a Private at basic training WISHES wake up call was like and what it REALLY is like, hilarious! Then they did a drill and showed us how a Cav unit clears a building. And then they had them all stand up and get to put on their beret's for the 1st time as Soldier's, not just recruits. They marched out and we had to follow as they marched them to their barracks (OMG I soo was rethinking my hooker heels at this point...ouch!) and then they were released to be signed out by a family member. Matt almost got yelled at because we didn't realize it was our turn to sign out, we were too Matt gave us a tour of their spotless barracks and his locker and gear and then we headed out. It was Brittany's birthday and she was such a good sport to share her day with Matthew. We went to cracker barrel and then all hung out in our hotel room while we tried to find a rental car. During the weekend we got to go to the Civil War museum and other War museums, got to see a civil war battle reenacted which was fun, and got to take a carriage ride, the rest of the weekend was taken up with running back and forth between hotels, personal time and going out to eat, where we were lucky enough to get to take out Cory who so kindly has visited Matt 2x at basic and took that picture for me! He was soooooo nice, now I see why my Gf really fell for him. Total sweetheart and I'm so lucky to know someone like him is there keeping an eye out on my gorgeous husband! We had a wonderful weekend with Mom, Gramma, Brittany, Amber and her nudger, and we were all sad to have to go. Sunday afternoon Matt decided that leaving the hotel 2 hours early was prudent so we did and a good thing too, by the time we got on post and he signed in they told him he had to be in formation in 15 minutes, and in that 15 minutes he had to get a hair cut and get anything from the PX he was going to need for the next two weeks, WOW did he sprint! After a lovely 30 second hair cut he was back, and we were saying our good I was sooooo mad at myself, I forgot to get the SD card back out of the laptop and put it back in our camera, so I didn't get any good bye pictures, and I wasn't able to film them getting smoked. Which was HILARIOUS!!!!!! The drill Sgt's were walking down taking roll and seeing who was late and asking if any of them "Now which of you Moron's brought things back to my barracks that were not issued to you??!?!?!?!" lol
several raised their hands, one dork brought back his cell phone, another pictures of his wife to which the sgt asked " are they naked pvt?" "No? well then I don't care now do I" lol and moved on, another soldier brought back a laptop , and the Drill Sgt's face was FREAKING hilarious!! omg! " A laptop!!! an F-ing LAPTOP!!! what were you thinking Pvt!!! He brought back a lllaaaapppptttoooppp.....WTF Pvt!!" We were all rolling. As soon as they finished that the 4 different Platoons were smoked, doing drill after drill after drill and it was so cool to see them working out in sync! I am still kicking myself that I don't have that on video but you can be sure if anyone else there video taped it I'll get a copy and post it. It was priceless. After being smoked they were told they had x amount of minutes to get inside and do something so they all booked past us and Matt blew me a kiss and ran on Only 7 more weeks! I can do this~!lol Man I missed him, and baby since I'll be mailing you this blog, I love you, I love you,, I love you, I love you, so so so much and I can't wait to see you!!!
The flight home was a WHOLE nother story I was on time and things were running smoothly on the 1st flight to O'Hare, then we took off and were doing great, even landed a bit early but another plane landed with an emergency, someone had a heart attack and so their plane took out spot and we waited forever, so I missed my connection, luckily they got me on the next one but once we landed, late again, I had to book it through the maze of death that is the Denver Airport, it was 4 escalators down, 2 back up in another hall, a train ride, 2 escalators back up, 5 walking escalators, a stair case, and one hell of a long walk down the hall to my gate and that was just from the C gates to the B gates! I barely made it as they were paging "passenger Rachael Morris, last call..." PHEW. I got in late, and went to luggage man where is my bag......wait ...wait...wait....carosel stops..... no off to United's luggage claims, where it seems another woman took my bag by mistake ...really?? how. come was WAY bigger than hers, WAY heavier...and HAD RACHAEL MORRIS all over it....durrrrrrr. So I had to sit outside contemplating how to get home since my house keys and car keys were in that bag along with our laptops, dig cameras and all the love letters I had written to Matt thus far which he sent home with me as well as all our birth certificates and vital information since Matt had needed to have all that junk with him when he got there. I was FREAKING out, until I remembered I had a spare key I had shoved in my purse....just in case, and that my dog sitter at home would have my other house key....phew. So I headed home without a bag. Fortunately United called only 2 hours later and the bag had been returned and they would deliver it by midnight. YAY !!! what a load off my mind. So all in all the trip was WELL worth it, long and exhausting but FAR too short! Man do I miss him but we have started out count down all over again and this time it's only a month and a half so this is do-able! Ok well that's it, if you're still reading sorry I am so long winded...hahahaha.

Monday, March 16, 2009

can you tell I miss him??

Ok in the group shot he's in the front row, second from the left. HAHAHA look at his hand. He's holding a picture of me.

ok one more time.. AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! lol I am sooooooooo hooked on him! SIGH

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fellowship party

I really have to give props to the Chaplin and his wife who once again added more pictures of our guys at a party the local church threw for them. They are too cool to take the pictures and add them for us.!! I got lucky and got 2 face shots of Matt out of them!!! Sigh. I see him in 6 days and I am so excited. Be prepared for a picture and blog over load
In the 1st picture he is in the back right side and in the 2nd he is the first on the left.
What a Doll even in PT sweats!

Friday, March 13, 2009

the ped egg


Those little ped eggs are incredible! Any one who knows me well at all knows I am a bare foot queen! I boycott shoes the second I can. I prefer to be completely barefoot 99% of the time......thus leaving my feet ......well, rather disgusting! lol They get really dry and kinda crusty. Since I'm seeing Matt in less than a week ( whoot whoot whooot whoot whoot whoot -unattractive booty shaking dance- whoot whoot...sorry...ok back to the blog) I needed to pedicure my feet. I bought a ped egg in hopes of being able to skip a pedicure that would cost me $28.00. Wow. I was very pleasantly impressed. That little sucker took my feet from cave woman status to silky smooth in 10 I think I'll still get that pedicure No matter how soft it made my feet it can't give me a 30 minute back massage and paint my piggies the way I want.
Now...... while I may boycott shoes as often as I can and when I do wear shoes they tend to be flip flops (ya I know....SOOO sexy, you wanna be me don'tcha!) I have recently acquired some HAWT shoes! Yes they make me taller than Matt but the Va-Va-Voom factor is soo worth it! Rawr!
Oh and for your own good do NOT double click on the pics of my shoes and look at the larger image as the massive leg hair growth may cause retinal damage! lol

Ya for again. as I got all 3 pairs of shoes from them...on clearance I might add!
Oh and for the my back does NOT like these shoes which is why I wear them ever so rarely!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Army photos

Well I have been uber lucky last week and this week to get loads of pictures!!! The ARMY takes pictures of the graduate and his team. Even though he won't graduate for another 7-8 weeks they mail them home now. YAY! Matt's so proud of the fact that from the 1st picture of him the portrait with the flag to the team photo he's lost almost 18 lbs. Not that he wasn't a skinny butt anyways. lol. The 1st pic up there is of his drill sgt.s why we want a giant photo of them...who

Matt is in the front row 3rd in from the left holding the Cavalry Scout flag. SO HANDSOME! Ok enough gushing....I'm off to do the laundry. ....UGH!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

yippee pictures!!!

Oh Happy day!! The Chaplin at Fort Knox has a cool website, He adds photos of the Soldier's as they go through their OSUT. I only found out about it today,I wish I had known about this sooner, dur! But I'm still super excited! I had to really look hard but I could only find him in 4 pictures. If you go to the site and click on FOXTROT on the left hand site and then click on both February 09 and March 09 you can see the pictures of a few of the things they have been doing lately. Thank you Chaplin and Mrs. Rivers!
He's in the bottom right hand corner. SOOOOOO cute. He's showing off his yummy MRE's.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cody's Art Show

Cody had some art entered into the School district wide art show for all grades. I was so proud! He had no idea anything was even entered until we got the invitation for the show. It was a mad house in there, but then again that was the opening of the show and every child who had art in it and their families were there. Proud parents milling around all over. The district was even so kind as so serve lemonade, cookies and brownies, good thing, it was hot as could be in there! I just wish they had a list of WHERE inside the building your child's art was or even what it was so you knew where to look. We spent a good while guessing at what may have been entered, so we had to check EVERY piece of art from his school...there was A LOT of work to look through. Jon went with us and I took Cody's best friend Avery along. All in all it was fun and a proud Momma moment. He did a cool piece of metal art! He's so creative! I love that we share having art skills, we love to sit and draw or color or make crafts.

BTW Cody had his 1st full day back at school yesterday! YIPPEEEE!!!! He's doing SOOO much better now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I would like to reaffrim the fact that I hate yo gabba gabba

I feel the sudden urge to go find a drug rehab facility every time I am subjected to this show. I feel like I'm coming off what I assume an acid trip is NOT cool. Talking food, asking to be eaten and then rejoiceing as they are slowly dissolved in a strange green stripedey monster/alien's stomach acid......yippeee.........

so just in case someone wasn't clear on this point........


freaking creepy children's programing from the very fires of hell I tell you!! lol......<-------------------------*shivers in a corner in fear*

Pink or Blue????

So...........I've been considering putting some fun color into my hair for the coming since I'm a baby and not nearly as "fly by the seat of my pants" as I normally am ...because it's my hair, and I'm vain! I admit it. I got great hair genes. Not on color mind you. I have more grey than my Mom and she's well....not 29! I have to dye it at least every 4 weeks or I look 50. ARG.

As far as lusciousness goes, I lucked out, so to say that I am being cautious about whom I allow to add bleach to my locks is a severe understatement! lol. So I babied out and got some clip ins for now to try them out. To tell you the truth they work really well, but I do want maybe tips on some of the hair and a tiny bit in the bang area. Color vote! Hot pink (darker than these clip-in's) or Turquoise which I am leaning toward.

Oh btw...................Spring has sprung here in Arizona ( screw you, you evil little rodent groundhog, I refuse to wait any longer! mean little sucker! lol) and my neighbor's tree was covered in gorgeous blossoms and I had to take picture of it looking up to the sky. Sigh......I welcome in warm weather with open arms! Oh wait! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......I live in Arizona.....we have warm almost all year round. I guess I'm ushering in sweltering, oven roasting heat! lol BBWWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......that's for all you poor schmucks in the Arctic tundra that is Idaho. Curses....maybe Karma will get me and stick Matt and I in Alaska for our next duty station.......wait crap... I'd love that! Hit me karma! Hit me!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok so I've decided to be a bit lazy today and just copy and paste a portion of something I found online. You have to also remember this is generalized and not nearly as hard as OSUT is for Cav Scouts, not to mention at the end of this phase Cav Scouts don't graduate. They get a 3 day family weekend (which I must say I am THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED about) and then they have an additional 6 weeks of training before the graduate and may have an additional 2-4 weeks training if they want them to work with the strikers, which I'm pretty sure Matt's interested in doing so who knows! But this gives a good idea of whats going to happen in the next 3 weeks. After family weekend comes, Black and Gold phase where we have heard rumor that they are allowed cell phones and some extra personal time at night which means more than once every 2 week phone calls! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! MAN I can't wait for calls!!! ok enough rambling.

The Blue Phase encompasses weeks 6 through 9 of basic training. During this period you will wrap up your series of classes in military values. Your morning physical fitness sessions will be more intense, and longer in duration. Many recruits like this phase the best because of the numerous confidence builders, including the appropriately titled “confidence course.”
In the Army, the confidence course is a series of 24 obstacles, which will test a recruit’s mental and physical capability to negotiate certain situations. The second confidence builder a recruit undergoes is foot marches. During the Red and White phases, you might have been required to go on a few road marches, but not to the extent you will have to undergo during the blue phase. Be forewarned, the foot marches in this phase are long and arduous -- about 10 kilometers long, with you carrying all your equipment.
All of the knowledge you gather throughout basic training will culminate to a 3-day field training exercise (FTX), which combines all previously taught basic combat skills. During FTX, you will complete teamwork exercises and missions. The last night includes the night infiltration course, where you will learn to shoot your weapon at night. If you have never seen a tracer bullet, pop a Star Wars movie into your DVD player. This exercise was my personal favorite in the entire 9 weeks of basic training -- not only is it neat to watch, but it also gives you tremendous confidence in your weapon. Once you successfully complete the 3-day FTX, your company will have a ceremony recognizing the successful completion of this challenging exercise.
One of the worst things that can happen to a recruit during basic training is to get what’s called “recycled,” the military’s term for starting all over again. Yes that’s right, it is possible for a recruit to make it to the last day of basic training, and have to start all over again because of disciplinary action. I have personally seen it done. The best advice I can tell you in this phase is to never let your guard down. Often by this time, recruits are getting cocky, their confidence is high, they have been accomplishing tasks they never thought they could, and they are getting used to their dill sergeants. If you let your guard down and do something to get you in trouble, you are liable to get recycled. Don’t assume your going to graduate basic training until you are on the plane ride home.
Another quick tip: Before you graduate, don’t forget to get your friends’ phone numbers and/or addresses. It is amazing how fast you leave once you graduate. Sometimes you never get to say goodbye to your friends, which you might regret later in life. [Of course, you can always track them down later using’s Buddy Finder if you need to!]

Update on Cody

Well it's a week today since Cody had his tonsillectomy, and while I cannot deny how fast his surgeon was, or how well he did the first few days, I have to say that I am on the verge of KUNG-FU kicking his Dr.s teeth in! GRR. Who doesn't make a follow up appointment with a post operative patient? Who doesn't call to check on their patient? Evidently Cochise Ear Nose and Throat that's who. About 2 days after surgery Cody began running a low grade fever that would spike to 101.3 on and off, but when I called in the office wasn't worried about it. He ran out of pain medication and when I called in to get a refill they told me over and over they were calling it in. After 6 fruitless trips to Walgreen's to pick up medication that wasn't there I lost my cool. Cody was running fever, refusing to eat (normal) and refusing even to drink. After 48 hours of drinking nothing but a tsp. here and a tsp. there I had, had it! I was furious. I took Cody into the ER last night at about 5:30pm, Jon kindly took Michael and Matthew to his apartment and kept them while I was there. We hit the "crazy"night at the Er. It was PACKED! It was after 10:30 pm before we were taken back. And after 12 am before he was seen. He was very dehydrated and his blood pressure was up due to his pain level. They tried to trick him into eating jello and drinking punch or having a Popsicles as if I hadn't really tried to get him to drink or eat....DUR! My freezer, fridge and cupboards are FILLED with ice creams, Popsicles, jello, pudding, koolaid, anything soft you could think of, not to mention his favorite home made cheesy broccoli soup. Well all he did was burst into tears over and over when they forced him to take bites and swallow, finally they caught on that " Gee this kid might be in real pain." ..............Really??? You think so? After only 6 1/2 hours of him crying in the Er?? whatever let you draw THAT conclusion! GRR.. I hate medical professionals who act like they defiantly know better than the child's Mother. Which, yes they often do, but come on! So after an IV, a LOVELY stab of Morphine to the leg, a lidocaine swish and a little nap he was good to go. We headed BACK to Walgreen's to get the meds that I had called and reamed his DR.s emergency line until the Dr. called me back, and once again......NO FREAKING MEDS! then we headed to Jon's to get Michael and Matthew then off to bed, he slept from 2 am until 11 am lol. Woke up and was bawling in pain again. I called the Dr and sadly yelled at his receptionist until the nurse got on and called in the prescription WITH ME ON THE PHONE! I hate being "THAT WOMAN" but you know what, when you tell me you've done it over and over and over and my nerves aer frazzled from listening to a child cry, fuss and whine for days on end with nothing but tylonol.....sorry. She caught my wrath poor thing, and she was so sweet. I apologized We finally got his pain meds about 20 minutes ago and OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!! He is downing water as we speak, and gulping down soup and jello! I asked the Dr why he was in so much extra pain lately and he said "oh on the 5-6th day after surgery the nerves start coming back and it can be very painful its normal" ........OI! why didn't you warn me?? Seriously, even the Er was annoyed that he hadn't had a follow up appointment. Guess I won't be referring anyone to this Dr. lol. So long story short, Cody did well in the beginning but hit a wall of pain and his Dr. failed to see him or get him the pain meds he needed until it was too late but he's doing GREAT now thanks to a very pissy Mom! lol