Friday, March 13, 2009

the ped egg


Those little ped eggs are incredible! Any one who knows me well at all knows I am a bare foot queen! I boycott shoes the second I can. I prefer to be completely barefoot 99% of the time......thus leaving my feet ......well, rather disgusting! lol They get really dry and kinda crusty. Since I'm seeing Matt in less than a week ( whoot whoot whooot whoot whoot whoot -unattractive booty shaking dance- whoot whoot...sorry...ok back to the blog) I needed to pedicure my feet. I bought a ped egg in hopes of being able to skip a pedicure that would cost me $28.00. Wow. I was very pleasantly impressed. That little sucker took my feet from cave woman status to silky smooth in 10 I think I'll still get that pedicure No matter how soft it made my feet it can't give me a 30 minute back massage and paint my piggies the way I want.
Now...... while I may boycott shoes as often as I can and when I do wear shoes they tend to be flip flops (ya I know....SOOO sexy, you wanna be me don'tcha!) I have recently acquired some HAWT shoes! Yes they make me taller than Matt but the Va-Va-Voom factor is soo worth it! Rawr!
Oh and for your own good do NOT double click on the pics of my shoes and look at the larger image as the massive leg hair growth may cause retinal damage! lol

Ya for again. as I got all 3 pairs of shoes from them...on clearance I might add!
Oh and for the my back does NOT like these shoes which is why I wear them ever so rarely!


The Bunnell Fam said...

Oh I may have to invest in that ped egg thingy! I never wear shoes either! My feet are like dry cracked mud! HAHAHA ewwwwww

Darla and Kirk Nuttall said...

You crack me up!!! I actually bought one of those a while ago, but since it has been winter my feet don't get cracked as bad as summer time, which I am totally ready for by the way. LOL!! I do like the ped egg. Cute shoes too!