Friday, March 6, 2009

Cody's Art Show

Cody had some art entered into the School district wide art show for all grades. I was so proud! He had no idea anything was even entered until we got the invitation for the show. It was a mad house in there, but then again that was the opening of the show and every child who had art in it and their families were there. Proud parents milling around all over. The district was even so kind as so serve lemonade, cookies and brownies, good thing, it was hot as could be in there! I just wish they had a list of WHERE inside the building your child's art was or even what it was so you knew where to look. We spent a good while guessing at what may have been entered, so we had to check EVERY piece of art from his school...there was A LOT of work to look through. Jon went with us and I took Cody's best friend Avery along. All in all it was fun and a proud Momma moment. He did a cool piece of metal art! He's so creative! I love that we share having art skills, we love to sit and draw or color or make crafts.

BTW Cody had his 1st full day back at school yesterday! YIPPEEEE!!!! He's doing SOOO much better now!

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Lisa P said...

Cody, Awesome art! I loved the pics of all my boys! Love, Nana