Monday, September 7, 2009


OMG isn't he just too cute! He got a bad case of the hiccup's and was really adorable. The hiccup's were super loud before I turned on the camera, and as soon as I did he tried to stiffle them some. Man my family keeps me laughing. Isn't my hubby just too cute, and Michael's laugh in the back ground is so cute!

My Language of Love

You know someone really loves you when:

~ they listen to you whine about a migraine for two days and still get up to heat up the heat pack for your neck, for the 20th time, and cover you with the quilt.

~ they cook you food a 2nd time because you ralphed up dinner the 1st time.

~ they buy you flowers when you are on day 3 of camping, no shower, no make up and still has time to say......Gosh I love you!

~ they offer to wash your hair in the kitchen sink with the sprayer because it's the only thing that gives you relief, and it turns into a 20 min scalp massage! Sigh........

Silly little things, but they are the language of love. I am so blessed. I love you Matthew Morris!

Where there's a will there's a way!

A Gator fan won't be denied!!!!! Saturday was the 1st Gator football game of the season and my men were all every hyped up for the game! We had dr. pepper, football shaped soda's (I NEVER let them have caffeine......EVER, so this was a huge treat for them), mini English muffin pizza's, hot dogs, mini bags of chips, and candy corn pumpkins! We had been really excited about this, and the Gator's being ranked #1 in the nation we were CERTAIN that the game would be on tv.
Come game time......IT WASN'T ON!! Now this had everyone freaking out. Matt found the game online and was watching the very beginning on his tiny laptop screen with 4 other people attempting to hover over his shoulders when it dawned on Matt.........our tv has hook ups!!! He set to it, and 4 mins later.........SUCCESS!!!
hooking the laptop to the tv
Some one looks proud!
We couldn't get any sound on the tv and the laptops sound was WAY too quiet so he hooked up the computers speakers to the lap top and own McGuiver! Be still my little heart! lol
no sound so he hooked up the comp
The the 1st touch down only a minute or so in and what I caught on camera AFTER all the screaming of "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS woohooooooooo" lol

We had a great little family party, and of course the Gator's won....duh!
GATOR FANS MUCH??!?!?  lol
Unfortunately Matty had a fever most of the evening, sat quietly most of the time and then became a little photographer,
poor feverish baby, so sweet even when he's sick
Matty the photographer made Matt snuggle his frog for the picture.
making Matt hold his froggie and pose with what a Ham.
Pumpkin eyes and bottle cap eyes  lol
mini pizza making
Matty helping Matt Make mini english muffin pizza's
I love College football, I love Saturday night games, and I love having my boys all around me enjoying the same thing and not fighting with one another for at least a 3-4 hour I need more football games!! lol

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Camping at Toledo Bend

I love fall! I love it, love it, love it! First of all, you can not comfortably camp here during the heat of summer! Heck, even during the fall unless you get lucky like we did. We had warm days that were a tad over cast, and nights that were ALMOST cool if you laid really still..haha. So over all the weather was lovely. The bugs however! HOLY BALLS BATMAN! We had bug spray and glade "off" fans but to no avail. My feet are thoroughly covered in mosquito bites. Bites or no bites there is nothing that can compare to the smell of a good camp fire, swimming in the murky lake, having no cell phones, no tv, walkie talkies and a beaver skull (lovingly nick named BOB by Michael..EWW EWEWEWEW!). We had some people pull in on our second night there who had a pop up trailer and spent about 3 hours setting up, hooking up a generator and even hanging outdoor lights, but their kids were stuck inside eating on the hot plate and watching that even considered camping? I am grateful that my little family had a blast, electronics free, bug infested and all the other fun camping has to offer.
A few of the awesome things we did while out there:
1: Put up out tents in the pitch black.
2: Foraged for fire wood in the dark, there wasn't enough and the next day had to drive
15 miles and pick up fire wood out of the tree line. Can we say REDNECK much?
a sad puppy that can't get out of the car
3: Cooked some tin foil dinners and chowed down in the dark...ooohhhh the bliss that is
carrots, onions, red potatoes, and ground chuck! SIGH something this baby will actually
let me hold
4: Swimming in the NASTY murky lake! (WOW the MWR's photographer is AMAZING,
because this place looked AWESOME online, the actual camp site was TINY, and soooo
back woods, WOWZA, but no matter what the kids had a blast with Matt, and the cool water
felt great on swollen feet!
5: listened to fish jump in the water all night, out tents were right on the water, it was rather
6: Matthew attempted to complete a "flying squirrel" off the see-saw and didn't quiet stick
the landing, busted open his chin and got a wicked bruise. He blamed his flying leap off
on Cody skyrocketing I agree.
fly squirel move boo boo
7: Got annoyed that our camping neighbors had a mini schnauzer puppy that was a non
stop yipper! I am sooooooooo glad we have a dog that is almost 100% silent! She barked
in excitement 2x the entire time we were out there, despite all the people, all the dogs and
so on! YAY cupcake!

I have to say, one of my favorite moments of the entire trip was the sense of humor my family has! We bought walkie talkies for the kids to play with and so on. Matt helped them pick call signs. Matt was Apache Red Five Delta. Michael was Comando (seeing as he doesn't ever wear underoo's unless forced), Cody was HULK, and Matty was Lightening McQueen. Matty like running over to the play ground equipment (within eye sight) with a walkie talkie clipped to his shorts so we didn't have to yell. We would do a check in with him and he would lift his leg funny and try talking to his thigh as though it wasn't necessary to hold down the button, we got a real giggle out of that. Cody however had me almost falling out of my camp chair when over the walkie we hear...."Apache Redneck Delta....come in...over" Matt's face was classic! "Did you just call me Apache Redneck??" "Ya that's your call sign right?" Sigh....that and Matty would sit in his chair saying "Roger.....roger that" over and over and over to everything the boys said on the walkies. Ah fun times!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a BOY!........again! HAHA

And then the results

The other afternoon I was whining to my little sister Kristy about how we were going to have to wait weeks to find out what we were having and she asked me why I hadn't tried these new gender tests. I googled it and evidently it's been featured on shows like Good Morning America and so on. It's 90% accurate in lab tests and 82% with human error. You pee in a cup and basically it reads hormone levels and so on and tada. We took two to see how accurate it was. So far we are going to assume that the results are correct and that we are now expecting my 4th, Matt's 1st son! lol The kids took it well even though they have really had their fingers crossed for a sister. Now that they have an idea that it's most likely a boy they are more excited to help up try out name combinations and pick out things for the room. We aren't going to be painting the room, or shopping a lot for baby until we get the ultrasound to confirm the results. As soon as we have a name set in stone we will let everyone know, for now it's still something we are working on but having fun with it! We have been a tiny bit disappointed that we aren't having a girl but as you can see, as soon as we found out it was a boy Daddy had to run to the store and buy cute little clothes,.....well, ok , fine, we both did!
Daddy was super excited to buy an outfit for him!
I LOVE this little dinosaur sleeper Matt bought, it's so cute!
it's a boy!!
Matt and I are having a good laugh over God's sense of humor. He must really like this joke seeing as he keeps playing it year after year. LOL!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st day of school and general catch up

Wow! Has it really been over a month since I last posted?? I'm usually so much more narcissistic and chatty than that aren't I! Ha Ha!
A few fun things have happened since early August. 1st and most important, as you can see, is the 1st day of school for my little Matty! AWWWW! KILL ME! Talk about painful for me ! LOL . I know I have already had the fun of sending the other two off to their very 1st day of school before, but neither of them really hurt quite like this. Michael didn't do pre-k, he went straight to kindergarten, Cody did pre-k but was so much of a big tough guy he was like "BYE SUCKA!!!!!" (obviously not verbatim, but this was his approximate attitude so to speak), at his age he was just so independent and more mature than his 4 years old. Matty however, sigh, he is ever so happily, a Momma's boy!! YAY. He has been uber excited to start school and ride his bus. His 1st day of school he was up and going, going, going by 5:30 am and ready to go out the door by 6:10 lol, I had to watch that front door like a hawk because he was trying to sneak off to the bus stop over and over, he literally had to forced to eat breakfast! I was fine walking him to the bus but about the time I saw the bus rounding the corner I was about to loose it, I had irrational visions of grabbing my child and running full tilt boogey for the safety of my house and holding him hostage with nick jr shows and fishey ok I said it was a I did let him get on the bus. Sigh. He was precious, just waving and waving and saying "byyyyyyyyyyyeeeee Mom!!" just oozing enthusiasm. I wish I had the car that morning so I could have driven him and walked him to his class room but I know how independent he wants to be. I was on pins and needles waiting ALL day for that bus to come back and bring me my baby though, phew, relief! He had a blast and was so proud of himself for going all alone! Michael and Cody also had their 1st day of school as well, and at first they loved having uniforms for school, but by now, week 3, not so much..haha. I do really like their teachers so far, they each seem to have a teacher tailored just for them so I really look forward to their growth this year.

Other than the 1st day of school, we have begun the trek to the halfway point between Fort Polk and Houston, every other weekend to meet at the drop off point for weekends with Dad. About and hour and a half to two hours each way. While Matt and I are enjoying our weekends free, it's hard for me to know they are 4 hours away, where I can't just pop over if there's an emergency, but, I have to trust in their Dad's ability to care for them, this takes A LOT of
On one of the weekends we had with the kids we took them to a grassy area not to far behind our housing to play football and have a mini picnic of sorts. Matt played football with the boys and chased the dog around, we lay in the sun got attacked by bugs but hey, we just had a blast. Our boxer Cupcake makes my day so fun, this dog cracks me up! she has a grill like a bull dog and sits with her bottom teeth jutting forward all the time, she often sticks the tip of her tongue out and leaves it there as she looks a tad special ed but we just love her!
"Call the jewlry store tell em make me a grill"
Other than all that, we have been to or thrown bbq's most weekends with work buddies and that's been fun. What was fun for Matt was his CLS class (Combat life Saver). They have to administer IV's to one another, now that should be the new Army recruiting a guinea pig! HAHA. Matt stuck his partner rather quickly, his partner got him quickly......after letting him bleed a bit..hahaha just watch the video, you can hear Matt in the back ground saying "you're making a mess George" lol.

As for me, I spend my day's cleaning house, running errands, napping (yay perk of pregnancy), annoying my friends on facebook, and being the Treasurer of our FRG (family readiness group). It's so nice getting to know some of the other wives, getting involved and helping plan fund raisers and so on. It's really very fun when it comes down to it. YAY. More of that to come soon. On the baby front there should be some more news tomorrow...YAY...we know what we are having!!!.................... CLIFF HANGER!!!!!! mmmwwwhahahahahahhahaha....ok ok all you facebooker's are