Monday, September 7, 2009

My Language of Love

You know someone really loves you when:

~ they listen to you whine about a migraine for two days and still get up to heat up the heat pack for your neck, for the 20th time, and cover you with the quilt.

~ they cook you food a 2nd time because you ralphed up dinner the 1st time.

~ they buy you flowers when you are on day 3 of camping, no shower, no make up and still has time to say......Gosh I love you!

~ they offer to wash your hair in the kitchen sink with the sprayer because it's the only thing that gives you relief, and it turns into a 20 min scalp massage! Sigh........

Silly little things, but they are the language of love. I am so blessed. I love you Matthew Morris!


Matt Morris said...

I love you baby!!! You are my everything!!

Kimber said...

I loved that! Added you to my blargh list, hope you don't mind!

~Our Rockabilly Life~ said...

not at all, Ive been blog stalking you for a