Friday, April 30, 2010

Matty Birth to 1st Christmas Pictures

Matty's 1st Christmas

My big brother loves me! Look at my two blue eyed boy's!

What a sleeping little angel!

I miss how little he used to be! :(

Uncle Danny who came to my rescue to help me out when I was so sick.

Supa baby!

Oma came to help out too and to meet Matthew.

Drunk baby!

BWWHAHAHA my favorite baby picture of Matty EVA! look at that hair!

Mommy and baby boy.

Awwwwwww Cody was soo excited!

"He came out!!!"


Hello my little love.

I wasn't happy at all was I!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Older pictures of Matty

One of those smiles you just can't deny is adorable! This was at the airport to pick up his Dad on one of the trips tdy.

Now look at that face!!

Hehe...that smile just makes me giggle!


Sigh I can't believe how big he is already! Look how tiny he was then...

In Idaho, sleeping in his bedroom during nap time...just looked in on him and he decided to get up from his nap and play...evidently that didn't last too long now did it.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Schokolade Schaumkuesse

Have you ever come across something from your childhood that just rips you from the present right back to being 8? I had such an experience yesterday in the commissary of all places. We ran in to grab "just a few things" (ya, we all know what that means....25 items later...) we passed the breads and rolls and BLAMO.....knocked back! Grabower Kusse!!! Chocolate covered marsh mellow puff on a thin wafer! HELLO HEAVEN nice to meet you, in all your sugary glory! Ohhhh how the box screamed to be purchased, diet be thwarted! I was like a kid on Christmas! I literally couldn't wait to get home and share this with my kids! If you ever come across them, buy them, buyyyy theemmmmm!!!

At first bite it was like being 8 and in Germany all over again! Sigh...I love moments like these. Where you totally forget this existed and then's like "How did I ever live without these?" jk..not quiet but they are rather awesome! I swear when I started seeing Nutella sold in the U.S. I thought the world couldn't get any better.....HAHA Nutella,...HAHA! You have been replaced as a close second on my list of AWESOME crap I don't need to eat that the U.S. is now importing! lol

It looks like my family enjoyed them!

Look at Daddy trying to share!

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Camp Guernsey, Wyoming Training

Daddy had just gotten off the buses back from Guernsey. He was so thrilled to see his boy! Michael, Cody and Matthew were still off camping with Jon and couldn't be there when Matt got home but it was soon after that they got home.

At the beginning of April Matt's unit went to Camp Guernsey, Wyoming for 3 weeks of training. The area there is closer to what Afghanistan (where they are deploying this coming is like than here in Louisiana and I'm glad. Matt said that this training was great! He feels so much better prepared and that makes me feel much safer having him go! The more prepared he feels the safer he is! This top photo is of Matt's truck that he drives. Unfortunately you can't see Matt driving but the gunner up top is Spc. Schessel. By the way, all these pictures were taken with Matt's cell phone! YAY for cell phone cameras or I wouldn't have gotten ANY pictures of this trip.

These are guys in Matt's unit doing high angle firing. Once again, Matt's behind the camera and not in the

Ahhhh there's my man! RWAR! I'm sorry but Cav Scout's are hawt! Mine especially. Even in his "man dress" haha. They did force on force. For part of the training they were the good guys and for part had to be the bad guys...thus the sexy dress...mmmm

I love this pic!

Matt also got to ride on his first helicopter during this training and I know how excited he was for this!

I mean come on....look at his face! He's like a kid in a candy store....and LOOK folks....Sgt. Capen....... WITH A SMILE! This is a miracle! Hmm perhaps he's smiling ever so largely because he's imagineing throwing people out of the chinook... HAHA

Once man. Mine, mine, mine.......I am so proud to be his wife. He's a rather fantastic guy!

Here is the links to the 2 articles written about Matt's unit while in Wyoming doing training. It gives some good info on what Cav Scouts really do and the training needed, as well as how Wyoming replicates at least some of what it will be like during their deployment to Afghanistan later this year.

1st article:
2nd article:

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

1st Halloween and 1st day of school for Mikey and Cody

Excuse me.....EXCUSE ME!! but are these boy's not too freaking cute!!!! Cody's 1st day of pre-k and Michael's 1st day of kindergarten (Michael skipped pre-k, no point making a kid sit and learn colors and what not when he could read by then) .........eekkkk I'm a big bawl baby looking at my boy's when they were so small! Those memories are some of my favorites as a Mommy!

Look how big Cody is in comparison to Michael already here.

That grin said it all..........."I'm so leave Mom!" lol

Cody on kite day.

Cody and Michael's 2nd halloween. Michael was a goat (thank you Aunt Amy for passing that costume on it rocked) and Cody obviously was a bumble bee.

Cody's 1st halloween he was a dino and had a frankenstien costume too. Man I wish I could find that picture it was soo cute!
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