Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gertrude the Inclusion Cyst

Dear Gertrude,

I have talked with the Doctor about your current living arrangements and it's effect on my vanity. After much consideration we have decided that you aren't too much of an annoyance and have yet to make me look like a troll, as such you are allowed to remain where you are....for now. Please be aware that if you begin to cause me pain of any kind, grow in size or frankly just bother me, you will be evicted. Hacked out with great prejudice! Included is photographic proof of your current rental space, I will be checking in periodically to ensure that you are keeping up with the new rules. You are allowed only in the above marked area outlined in eye liner (yes eye liner). Stay where you are, the size you are, don't allow any family or friends to move in, and don't bother me. So there!


Your Landlord

A very huffy/vain Rachael

This is the face I make when crap grows on my face without my permission. Sexy I know! Don't be jealous of me and my inclusion cyst, you're not cool enough to have one! HAHA jk

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