Sunday, April 11, 2010

~Oma's Visit~

Eskimo kisses

Mommy and I

Oma teaching Michael how to do Sudoku

ooooooo Purty feet

Mom getting a good back massage while getting her Mani/pedi

Mom, Michael and Matthew at the Frg Family Fun Day.

Oma and mister Aidan. Look how enthralled he is with her!

Myself (ew....looking trollish much!), Matthew and my Mom.

Mom playing guitar

Mom having a game night with the kids playing clue but sweating like mad...darn southern

Living so far away from family can be really hard. Especially when you have wonderful, exciting, new adventures in life that you want to share with those closest to you. Fortunately I have a big sister who lovingly flew my Mommy out to see me! It's all about me. ME ME ME .....OKKKKK jk, it's all about the kids. It has been darn near two years since we saw Mom last, and Matt had YET to meet any of my family! Can you believe that! 2 years as a couple and this is the 1st time Matt and a member of my family have met him? I wish he could get to meet all of my family all at once and have family time with them, get to know them all but I can tell it will be years before that can happen. Sigh....

Back to Mom. So Amy is fabulous! THANK YOU AMY! I hope you know how much we all appreciated this gift. Mom got to come for 11 days, unfortunately Matt only got to spend 5 days with her since he had some out of state training for the remainder of the month, but those 5 days were great, they hit it off and it was awesome how easily they meshed. The kids were THRILLED! They were so excited to see Oma and got to spend some really fun time with her while she was here. She of course got to go with me to my FRG planning meetings, the social, and the squadron family fun day, Matty's 5th birthday and the party, Easter and Mom's 1st Mani/Pedi ever! Can you believe she went ...well a few years without ever being pampered by one!

We smashed a lot in while she was here...I guess it will have to do until we can get to see her again...lets hope it's not a whole 2 years!

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