Monday, April 26, 2010

Schokolade Schaumkuesse

Have you ever come across something from your childhood that just rips you from the present right back to being 8? I had such an experience yesterday in the commissary of all places. We ran in to grab "just a few things" (ya, we all know what that means....25 items later...) we passed the breads and rolls and BLAMO.....knocked back! Grabower Kusse!!! Chocolate covered marsh mellow puff on a thin wafer! HELLO HEAVEN nice to meet you, in all your sugary glory! Ohhhh how the box screamed to be purchased, diet be thwarted! I was like a kid on Christmas! I literally couldn't wait to get home and share this with my kids! If you ever come across them, buy them, buyyyy theemmmmm!!!

At first bite it was like being 8 and in Germany all over again! Sigh...I love moments like these. Where you totally forget this existed and then's like "How did I ever live without these?" jk..not quiet but they are rather awesome! I swear when I started seeing Nutella sold in the U.S. I thought the world couldn't get any better.....HAHA Nutella,...HAHA! You have been replaced as a close second on my list of AWESOME crap I don't need to eat that the U.S. is now importing! lol

It looks like my family enjoyed them!

Look at Daddy trying to share!

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