Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Matthew is 5!!

Happy birthday to my little Matty bug! I cannot believe that he is now 5!!! Where has the time gone?? It was just yesterday that he was in a crib, just yesterday that he was potty training, and using a stroller........sniff sniff...he's all grown up! He's been in pre-k all year, he's doing homework and learning to read! He's playing nintendo ds games and the xbox better than I can! This little guy is just growing up far too fast to make me happy!
He had a lovely 2 day shindig. On his actual birthday we went to chukee's house of horror's, I mean chuckee cheese's. Where Matt thoroughly spoiled him and the older boys. Michael and Cody were super sweet and gave up all their tickets to Matty so he was able to get a prize worth something (ummmm ya everything there is junk but to a five year old.....it's toy heaven!) . Then home watching movies, and up late playing CLUE and then Guitar Hero and Lego Batman with Matt. Then the next day he had his party. Swimming in the kiddie pool with his brothers and neighbor friends,a bbq (Matt's amazing on the grill..mmmm) and dinosaur cake I made, ice cream, ton's of gifts, and even his Dad drove up from Houston and spent 5 hours with us ....yes...awkward much? But we love these boy's so we invited him and made him feel welcomed. Then after a little bit of clean up we went bowling (Jon came too). Then the kids went home and watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel". Over all he really seemed to have a ton of fun and we all had a blast hanging out as a family.
Happy 5th birthday my little man!

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