Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Little Loves

My cell phone was getting far too full of pictures, pictures of some REALLY adorable kiddos that just screamed to be shared!!

I'm sorry, is this smile not the sweetest thing ever??

Ah, the day all 3 were home sick with ear infections, sinus infections and pink eye. The awesomeness of parenting. Taking all 3 older boys to the dr at once. THANK Heavens for baby wearing and keeping mister Aidan super content while dealing with the sickies at the hospital. But look how well behaved my kids were!

Ok, Maybe this smile is even sweeter! Oma does an awesome job getting grins!

Sleeping rockstar.

Cody doesn't love having his picture taken at ANY other time lately unless he is in a photo with Aidan. For those pictures I don't even have to ask, he just jumps in. What a sweet big brother.

Look how big he looks. Sitting up with little assistance and holding his head up at 7 weeks old....he just looks so grown up here.....and are reminded of just how small he still is by the next

Mother and son. Sigh......babies melt my heart, especially this little man.

Father and son. This is how Aidan sleeps on Daddy all the time. Daddy is so in love with his little guy!

The best big brother's in the world! Aidan was only 2 weeks old when we went to dinner and all 3 wanted to sit next to him, to help me with anything I needed for him and tried so hard to be good for us. What amazing son's I have! Just because there are a lot of photo's of little guy right now doesn't mean we don't love these amazing son's of ours. Michael, Cody, and are soooooooo very loved! What great brothers you are to each other and little mister Aidan!

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