Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PT with Dad, and Family Fun Day at work.

Last Friday our troop had a family fun day where the kids got up to do some family oriented PT (Physical Training) with Dad (Matt). I was there of course ....behind the camera, with water bottles, cheering everyone on..lol Ya right~ Like I was gonna be doing wheel barrows with grown men! Sgt. Capen, Matt's platoon Sgt. let Michael and Cody lead some of the warm ups like the leg stretches and , push ups . During the mountain climbers, Sgt. Capen told Michael to go "Tell your Dad you are doing them wrong, do push ups!" Michael got all excited, walked up to Matt and chickened out..lol with giggles he was running his hands through his hair and squirming around saying "ohhh man, I can't do that..lol" Sgt. Capen convinced him too and they fake "smoked" Matt. It was pretty funny to watch, Matt had to drop and give Michael 20. We all giggled. Then before all the fun Matt said "Boy's, show these Soldier's how you do push up's!" they dropped and cracked out 20 perfect push up's...it was all so cute! They had stations for water balloon tosses, the egg toss and the wheel barrow relay races. Matty didn't do a ton of the activities, but he did the run the relay races....then sat down next to me and was my sweet little cheering section for the boy's.
After PT we ran home to change and headed to Alligator Lake, where we had a wonderful BBQ cooked for us, and a huge inflatable water slide! The kids had a blast and I got some quiet Mommy time. It was far too hot to keep Aidan out in the heat so when he wanted to nurse we ran off to the car and the AC where I happily let him nap in my arms for 2 hours while I listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on tape while the boy's got worn out on the slide and Matt got to help initiate the new guys. All in all it was a wonderful start to Father's day weekend. After the family time we gave Matt his 1st portion of his Father's Day gift....an hour long professional massage at the French Quarter Salon and Spa. LOVE it there! And Dad LOVED the gift!! Frankly...It was one of those GREAT days you always remember. I love making memories with my family! Aren't they just too cute!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aunt Sissy and Cody's 9th Birthday

I have to say that this was one of favorite parts of vacation! I haven't seen Kristy and her kids in about 4 years! That's a long time in sister time. Her kids have gotten so big! Last time I saw her Andrew was just a toddler! We went to the water park on post almost daily...woot free (thanks Sissy) and basicaly just crashed out around her house for 4 days.
My sweet little Cody turned 9 while on this portion of the trip and we had cake balls, ice cream and pudding, and Matt made pancakes for Cody and the kids for Breakfast. He also helped Kiki and Josh make breakfast in bed for Kristy since "No one else is around to take care of your Mommy since Daddy is in Iraq again, so lets make something for her"....awww what a sweet hubby I have.
We had so much fun but alas we had to go home...leave time was running out and South Carolina is a good drive from home. I'll miss you Kristy!
And Happy late Birthday to my sweet Cody bear.

Kiara,Cody,Josh, Michael, Andrew and Matty.

Kristy and her MASSIVE dog Moose....Aidan's face was too funny..."like WTF is that!!!"

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Long Lost Family

Sadly this portion of our trip had to come to an end ...
Saying goodbye was aweful. Driving away from Matt's Mom crying broke my heart. Saying good bye to Gramma was really hard too. We love you all!

This trip was so chock full we didn't get any time to see Aunt Kelly and Uncle Don but we did get to at least say goodbye.

Now.....it's been 18 years! EIGHTEEN years since I've seen this side of my family. They all live in Georgia and I haven't had a chance to get back there to say hi. We were only going to be driving through and I was hopeing to hit as many people at once as was possible, I had NO idea so many people would be coming!!! I was SO excited! Cousins I have never met in person, Aunts and Uncles I have never met or whom I haven't seen since my Dad's funeral in 1992. Everyone was so fun to see! Thank you all for who arranged it and for everyone who came! I have so much family I wish I was closer too. Maybe one day? This was the 1st time my sister Amy to meet Aidan and Matt. Only the 2nd of my family to meet him at that point. Now I can say that A LOT of my family has met him..lol Thanks again to MawMaw who offered to let us stay at her house, and cousin Jennifer who offered as well, we decided to drive straight through to Kristy's house that night and didn't tell her in time and I fear we left her hanging (one of my least favorite things to do. Total pet peeve of mine...not telling people when your plans change) Sorry!!
We did get to go to dinner with Maw Maw , my Mom (who is taking the picture....so not in it...boo) and Aunt Debbie . It was so fun ......I'm totaly miss family already!
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Predeployment Family BBQ

Matt parents are such sweet hearts. They wanted to make sure that Matt got to see as much family as possible while he was home on leave, so they planned a bbq. Unfortunately not as many people showed up as had RSVP'ed and frankly....that's rude folks.....if ya say you're coming...COME..if you can't come...rsvp accordingly. If you have a family member or a friend who comes home once every 2-4 years.....MAYYYYBBBBEEE you should show up...take 2 hours out of your very busy Saturday and say "Hey man." For those who showed up....thank you. I know how much money and time was spent by my wonderful in laws for this bbq. I especially appreciate it because I know how much money they spent while we were home on this trip, doing things with us, and the day of that bbq it was BLISTERING hot! Who wants to stand next to the grill when it's already that hot out? Grandaddy...... sigh. Thank you guys!
Fortunately two of Matt's really good buddies were able to come. I know how much that meant to him. It was so cool for him to get to see Brandon and Anthony
MeMaw came, Grandaddy's Mom, obviously Aidan was NOT a happy camper. The bbq was held in the court yard of the hotel we were staying at so I was able to take him back to the room and the AC every so often to cool him off.
Stacey & Stephen White and her family came............She's a riot...lol wish I lived closer and could get to know them better.
Grandaddy............grillin in that heat.
All the little ones eating in the heat...can you see them sweating...whooo..they were all dieing to get into the pool.
Me, Aidan, Matt, Memaw, Aunt Donna and Uncle Donald.
My beautiful Mother in Law Lisa, the perfect Hostess. She looks so pretty here.
~ Anthony, Matt and Brandon.
Thanks again Mom and Dad. The food was great, the company better. You guys are great.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Fountian of Youth

One of the gems of this Florida trip was going to Ponce De Leon Springs State Park. I fell in love! If we go back to Florida we are defiantly taking a day trip there again!!! SO worth it! I was lured in by the pancakes you made at the tables. They were freaking awesome! Taste-tastic! You order your pancake filler (chocolate chips, fruit and so on) and they bring you two types of batter. Your table has a griddle in the center and you literally cook your own eggs and pancakes at the table it was so fun. What kid wouldn't love making their own pancakes?
Nana, Grandaddy, Matty and cousin Hunter seen here waiting for their food to cook.....cook faster darn you! Matty was in a hurry to eat!Cody and Michael were waiting on their batter....ya...that's a good idea....equip them with weapons when hungry.....genius! jk

Aunt Brittany, Aunt Amber, and Uncle Jordan.


Cody flipping his own pancakes.

Yup...I make breakfast for us even when we go out to eat...it's inevitable...Momma can't get away from the kitchen...haha

Now for those of you who are history buffs, this was cool! This is where Ponce De Leon discovered what he thought was "The Fountain of Youth". Do I think these waters were magical? Uh ya! It was hot as (insert explicative here) out and the springs we swam in were FFFFFFFF-REEEZING! OHHHH happy, happy, joy, joy! I neglected to bring a swim suit so Grandaddy lovingly lent me his shorts! Awwww that man is so sweet, he perpetually gives, gives, gives! Love him!

Here Matty and I are standing under what used to be a part of the original sugar mill.

The Fountain of youth. If you want to know more about it, read here.

Cody and Matthew looking at the alligator filled lake. Uh, no seriously there were signs all over...."No Swimming, alligators"

Look at that sweet face. Man I hated my freckles as a kid but now I see why my parents called them Angel kisses. Each of my boys so far has some freckels. I love them!

One of the other things we got to do while here was paddle boat...HOLY CRAP what a work out!!! My knee was SCREAMING at me by the hour mark when we returned the boats.
Britt, Me, Amber and Matty on one boat....

Michael, Cody, Matt and Jordan on the other.
We loved our day spent at the springs! I really hope one day to go back..I love being able to teach my kids about history and yet get to do fun activities. So cool! Highly recommend going if you are in the area!
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