Friday, June 18, 2010

Fabulous Florida Vacation

We had such a blast on vacation this summer! So be prepared for a plethora of pictures/posts!
One of my favorite parts of this trip was getting to see Gramma! Matt's Gramma was diagnosed this year with stage four cancer and being so far away and not able to help or spend time with her has been tough so this trip allowed us to see her a few times in between chemo. We also had Aidan blessed by Matt's Dad "Grandaddy" on the 1st Sunday we were there. This trip really worked out for us on timing and getting things done.

These pictures were taken after we had Aidan blessed....ya we're goofs. This is Matt's Gramma, sister Brittany, fiance Jereme, his Mom and Dad, my 3 older kids, me and Matt and Aidan, and his brother Jordan, and his wife Amber and baby Hunter.

My boy's look like little models, they were trying to get out of the frame of one of the shots being taken and Mom saw them off to the side looking all handsome and got this shot for us.
My most favorite moment? Grandaddy singing Elvis to Aidan. I miss my Father so much so often that being near Matt's Father, and seeing him love on the kids the way he does makes me feel like I'm 12 all over again. Bittersweet. Loving the time spent with this Father.......and dearly missing my own. It was a beautiful moment.

This is Auntie Brittany whom we didn't get to spend a ton of time with because of her work schedule but what time we did get was so nice. It was our first chance to meet her sweet fiance Jereme as well. Like I said....we hit a LOT of birds with this one stone.

Swimming at the hotel pool...look my hair was still pink in this shot....that didn't last...all the clorine and salt water from the ocean water stole away the pink. I am currently sporting a blond nasty streak-o-sexiness until I get the energy to redye it.

This was the 1st few moments after we had gotten to Florida. Aunt Amber holding Aidan, the boy's posing, and Matt sprawled on the phew ! LONG DRIVE MUCH!

Aunt Britt again, one of the few moments we got to really spend with her.

Aidan's 1st time in the pool. Sitting in his bumbo seat.

Aidan (4 months) and cousin Hunter (age 10 months) HUGE size difference! That Hunter is soooo animated!

Chicken fights with Uncle Jordan and Matt.

Sweet Grandaddy just kickin it by the side of the pool with Matty

Lunch with Gramma at Sonney's...uh YUM I've never had it before. Gramma's lookin HAWT!

Gramma and Cody, Matty, and Michael.

Matt made Aidan an Army Build -A- Bear. It says "I love you baby boy, Daddy misses you!". Each month leading up to deployment Matt is getting a bear done with each boy.

But.........since I spoil my monkeys I couldn't stand to let them leave empty handed so I let them each get a little something...Michael and Cody got is named Charlie (Cody's) Michael's was named and Matty's.....was named Matty....ever so
Sigh what fun we had on just this portion of the trip.......more, more, more, to come!
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