Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Pictures by Jordan Morris Photography

Matt's brother Jordan has started doing photography on the side and while we were visiting family in Orlando he took some family pictures of us and the whole gang. I loved how some of these turned out. I love this shot and wish Matty's face was a little more visible and that Matt's sun glasses were off. It was really cute though.

This is another of my favorites, I just love the color and the kids faces.
I loved Daddy and Aidan's feet with the dog tags.

It was SOOOOO bright out that's why none of the kids could pull off thier "picture"
My gorgeous Mother and Father in used to be a dirty word to me.....I love these people so much!
Amber and I

I love this shot was a moment he caught in between shots and it sure worked.
Another perfect shot......Daddy loving his Son.

Another random shot of Matt and I and Aidan and it was so cute.

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