Saturday, June 19, 2010

Four Months Old

At 4 months old Aidan is talking a lot, a lot of nonesense but we LOVE hearing it! He's started teeth yet but that doesn't stop him from gnawing on everything from wash clothes, to fists, to toys!
"KEEYYYYY'ARRRR I'm a pirate!"
Lots of rolling over....well attempts, he's only succeded a few times, but rolls from back to front easier than front to back.

Lots of social cooing, smileing and over all giggles and interaction.

"I wanna crawl darn it!!! Why can't I gooooooooooooo??!?!?@@$#"

This is his "Blue Steal" look a'la Zoolander

He's still a lil rolly polly and we all LURVE him!

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