Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sea World Baby!

We we so thankful to Anhieser Busch and Sea World allowing active service military into their parks for free. If it weren't for the "Free" things we had to do...frankly we wouldn't have done much on this vacation!
A lot of these pictures were taken by Jordan Morris so that's why so many of them turned out looking so good!

The Shamu show is always so fun but I do have to say that I truly miss seeing the trainers in the water interacting with the orca's one on one. It's still so sad to me what happened to thier trainer this year, it has definatly changed the show but it's still so fun to see the whales!

MMM MMM MMM....sorry you know it wouldn't be a post without a picture of my hubby! RAWR.

Our poor little mister Aidan had to spend the day at Sea World pretty much in the stroller with the hoods up shielding him from the sun as he's too young to wear sun screen yet, but fear not, we had 4 little spritz fans running on him almost non-stop, and too my surprise, breastfeeding him at Sea World was actually really nice! They have a baby care station with a special nursing room with 3 rockers, low lights, music and a sign asking for privacy, a room to keep older kids occupied, a kitchenette with microwave and purified water for bottles and heating up baby food, a room with 3 changing tables all with A.C. YAY . They also had a vending machine outside of the building called Nanny Caddy, that was filled with things like infant sun screen, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, and so smart!
Well either way the heat took a lot out of him but here he is happy as a lark at the restaurant cooling down in the shade.

While eating lunch Jordan got this picture of Michael's eyes......BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Amber and Jordan for going with us and for capturing some of my fav pictures!

Just LOVE those freckles!

Look at those green eyes on Cody!

One of my favorite exhibits at Sea World was the Wild Arctic.

It was really quiet cool in there!

Now who doesn't know what this picture is of? HAHA Mommy, Aidan, and Uncle Jordan all sat OUTSIDE of the splash zone....we didn't think that Aidan or the Camera's would appreciate the splashing like the kids would.

Ya, the boy's thought it was hilarious. AHHH Sea World never gets old! My kids have now been to all 3~ San Diego, San Antonio, and now Orlando.

After leaving the Shamu show we came across an act that was on stilts, drumming and doing fun flips. Matty got pulled in to help out with their show and OMG was he excited. Here he is taking a bow! He can be so shy, so him getting up there was 1st. Another first? Matty's 1st roller coaster rides!!! AWWW Thanks Aunt Amber for going with him on some of these since I had Aidan. You and Jordan were a huge help at Sea World as well as Disney.

Jordan and Matt playing on the steal what dorks.

ANNNNND here is my favorite picture of the day......Yup.. Matty looks like he's groping Shamu...bbwwwhahahha thats just funny.

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