Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long Lost Family

Sadly this portion of our trip had to come to an end ...
Saying goodbye was aweful. Driving away from Matt's Mom crying broke my heart. Saying good bye to Gramma was really hard too. We love you all!

This trip was so chock full we didn't get any time to see Aunt Kelly and Uncle Don but we did get to at least say goodbye.'s been 18 years! EIGHTEEN years since I've seen this side of my family. They all live in Georgia and I haven't had a chance to get back there to say hi. We were only going to be driving through and I was hopeing to hit as many people at once as was possible, I had NO idea so many people would be coming!!! I was SO excited! Cousins I have never met in person, Aunts and Uncles I have never met or whom I haven't seen since my Dad's funeral in 1992. Everyone was so fun to see! Thank you all for who arranged it and for everyone who came! I have so much family I wish I was closer too. Maybe one day? This was the 1st time my sister Amy to meet Aidan and Matt. Only the 2nd of my family to meet him at that point. Now I can say that A LOT of my family has met Thanks again to MawMaw who offered to let us stay at her house, and cousin Jennifer who offered as well, we decided to drive straight through to Kristy's house that night and didn't tell her in time and I fear we left her hanging (one of my least favorite things to do. Total pet peeve of mine...not telling people when your plans change) Sorry!!
We did get to go to dinner with Maw Maw , my Mom (who is taking the not in and Aunt Debbie . It was so fun ......I'm totaly miss family already!
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