Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PT with Dad, and Family Fun Day at work.

Last Friday our troop had a family fun day where the kids got up to do some family oriented PT (Physical Training) with Dad (Matt). I was there of course ....behind the camera, with water bottles, cheering everyone on..lol Ya right~ Like I was gonna be doing wheel barrows with grown men! Sgt. Capen, Matt's platoon Sgt. let Michael and Cody lead some of the warm ups like the leg stretches and , push ups . During the mountain climbers, Sgt. Capen told Michael to go "Tell your Dad you are doing them wrong, do push ups!" Michael got all excited, walked up to Matt and chickened out..lol with giggles he was running his hands through his hair and squirming around saying "ohhh man, I can't do that..lol" Sgt. Capen convinced him too and they fake "smoked" Matt. It was pretty funny to watch, Matt had to drop and give Michael 20. We all giggled. Then before all the fun Matt said "Boy's, show these Soldier's how you do push up's!" they dropped and cracked out 20 perfect push up's...it was all so cute! They had stations for water balloon tosses, the egg toss and the wheel barrow relay races. Matty didn't do a ton of the activities, but he did the run the relay races....then sat down next to me and was my sweet little cheering section for the boy's.
After PT we ran home to change and headed to Alligator Lake, where we had a wonderful BBQ cooked for us, and a huge inflatable water slide! The kids had a blast and I got some quiet Mommy time. It was far too hot to keep Aidan out in the heat so when he wanted to nurse we ran off to the car and the AC where I happily let him nap in my arms for 2 hours while I listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on tape while the boy's got worn out on the slide and Matt got to help initiate the new guys. All in all it was a wonderful start to Father's day weekend. After the family time we gave Matt his 1st portion of his Father's Day gift....an hour long professional massage at the French Quarter Salon and Spa. LOVE it there! And Dad LOVED the gift!! Frankly...It was one of those GREAT days you always remember. I love making memories with my family! Aren't they just too cute!
Hey I think that's a 1st! A post about the kids or a family activity without any pictures of Aidan! lol You're welcome! I know I inundate you all with his preciousness!>Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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