Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freedom Fest, FRG, and Trace Adkins

We were really fortunate that on a day that was 104 out, that we were working the FRG (family readiness group) fundraiser booth. We had shade galore and the breeze practically saved us with an infant! Freedom Fest this year was held on the Air field here on Fort Polk, and that was a concrete jungle. No shade anywhere! Without that shade we wouldn't have stayed more than an hour or two I'm sure.
We have been having so much fun working with the FRG lately. I'm getting to know some really fantastic ladies and their families. That's what it's all about! Getting to know one another and supporting each other. For our fundraisers our awesome FRG group leader Sherry and Amazing Co-leader Jessica had us set up to do a lollipop prize pull (here are Jessica's adorable daughters helping out) colored hair spray, and glow sticks. Usually at our FRG functions, especially the fundraisers, we have a major lack help, especially of the male persuasion. That was NOT the case this time! We had so much help! It was awesome! It made the day fly by and the heat not seem nearly has daunting.
Jessica and Sherry setting up.
Jessica and I ....and there is Cody in the background being goofy.
Jessica setting up the glow sticks, trying not to break them.

My boy's all wanted to have their hair painted and hey it was good advertising. Next time....note to self....WEAR GLOVES! My fingers nails still have hot pink and green stains..lol
My kids were over all great helpers. They didn't make it through the day without fussing and whineing a bit but for 10 hours or so....uh ya, they were awesome! Thanks boy's!

The National Guard had a booth there showing off the #88 car...which frankly I couldn't give a hoot about but this is Matt's favorite drivers car.

All that shade made my day so easy! I was able to stay and help out at the booth all day without having a fussy boy! Thank heavens!
Here are my little Benedict Arnold's, they wanted their faces painted from the frg booth next to us, aww who can deny them that. Matty's choice was that he wanted to be a camo guy so to paint him brown like a brown guy...omg that kid cracks me up.. I love that my kids don't see color like that but that he See's it as actually being great for camo........sigh.

Now, to the real fun! The Silver Wings! They are a group of military personal that skydive for PR. It was so cool! I love hearing the kids voices in the background oooo-ing and Ahhhh-ing.

We also lucked out and Trace Adkins was here to preform this year. We were still working the booth during the concert but Matt snuck up front for some pretty good pictures!

Then as the dark set in, and the booth was winding down....the silliness set in. Russel, Petterson, and Matt being goofy while helping pack up and tear down the booth.

Fire works,music, friends, food and family, fundraising for a good cause while celebrating our great country's Independence.....it was a really good day!
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