Friday, May 21, 2010

More star makeovers

So as I have said before, I get bored easily with my decor and have to snaz it up a bit. Now in all honesty these did not turn out exactly like I wanted.....why? Umm...cause I'm too impaitent to have waited and done it with all the right tools...I jerry rigged it Ya that's pretty much normal...uh have ya met me? Dur. So I pulled these straight off the wall, and I sanded one for good measure and the other I didn't (to see if it made a didn't) ...don't bother, who needs an extra useless step? Not me!

I wanted the finished look to be crackled and older looking. Don't bother spending money on crackle paint...there are a few things you can use that you may already have !

I used Modpodge, but you can use wood glue or elmers school glue. Put on a thin coat useing a brush and make the strokes as coo coo as you can to give it more crackles. Just ensure it's 100% dry! Then I sprayed it with Ivory (krylon spray paint)..dry dry dry...GRR I hate waiting! Once dry I used masking tape to section of a little LESS than half of the star and sprayed it Oxford Blue (krylon again)...waiting..

Time for the Cherry Red .Careful of over spray!

Finally time for the starts. I used craft paint to cut out tiny lame-o stars with my exacto knife. Give a light spray of the ivory.

Now see all that crud hanging off them? It's spray paint since it's latex and stayed on the garbage sack. I used a fine grit sanding block to sand down the edges, then I used a piece of sand paper to sand down the ridges of the star to antique it and lightly sand the colored portions too, it brings out the crackle finish and camoflauges the imperfections of my color lines and stars. That and I like older looking things.

Now be carefull when getting ready to section off your color sections...MAKE SURE you know where your bracket is (ie which way is up) not like me who just went spraying away all willey nilly! Then I had to fuss with the stars to get them to hang the right

I love the color! This wall was so brown, brown, brown! Imagine the sign with two brown so brown....mission achomplished! I like it....from a distance..don't get too close! lol

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3 Months Old

3 Months old!!
This would have been posted yesterday however my internet decided not to cooperate.
Can you believe it! Just keeps going by faster and faster! Aidan now practically refuses to lay down if he can help it and wants someone holding him in the sitting up position so he can see the world. He's all grins and smiles all day long. we've FINALLY over come the majority of the reflux/vomiting hurtle. THANK HEAVENS! One time in about 3 weeks!!! It's still heart breaking when it happens because he cries uncontrollably for up to 30-40 mins before hand and the only thing that makes it better is to nurse nurse we do...then he ralphs and all is better....well except Momma's heart! His little face could melt stone! It's just too sad looking after ward! Yes...He has me very well wrapped around his chubby little fingers, and I will happily stay right there!

He also LOVES the Superman flying we do! lol he's so fun and animated!
What he does NOT love? Tummy time! This face lasts about 10 seconds..then comes the fussing and the over all crying. Gotta love it!

Aidan's newest thing is talking. He has discovered his beautiful little voice and makes it known that he's using it! I LOVE our little talks. Cody especially loves hearing him talk, just makes his day. I love every adventure with this new little guy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tip Junkie Wall art

I was checking out one of my FAV sites, tip junkie and she featured someone ( who had printable art for free, that said "House of 5" or "House of 6" and an email adress in case you needed a different family size number.
I started out with a $10.00 wally world pic frame with a mat, the printed "House of 6" spray adhesive (can ya tell I lurve this stuff) and craft paper I had on hand.
And this is how it turned out. I love it. That part of the hall has irked me since moving in...HATE the lighting fixture but since I can't change that...I can sure hang something Thanks Matty...He was my personal Vanna

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Generic Star Makeover

I love stars, I really do, they are so fun and I love to decorate with them, however I get tired of just the plain old metallic look of them after a while. I have two upstairs in my hallway with my table set up and they just seemed to blend into the background. Hopefully I have remedied this. I sanded down each star with a fine sand paper just got make sure it had enough grip. I used spray on adhesive and craft paper.

When spraying the craft paper on you need to spray the metal really well, allow it to set for about 15-20 seconds and then place the paper down, making sure all the corners and edges are secure. I did them in sections to ensure that my adhesive didn't dry before I could place the paper correctly.

The papers edges however don't fit exactly, thus....more need for sand paper. After the glue was completely dry I used the sand paper block (fine grit) to sand the tips, and all the edges down, A) to make it fit better and B) because I like a more distressed look.

The finished product.

I used an aqua paper with gold glitter (lurve it!) and a Paris print on one and a Map of the world print on the other.
What do ya think? Over kill or just the right touch...hmm I do tend to get carried away sometimes.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Wonders of Natchitoches Part II

Matt drinking a Coke.

The Catholic chapel

My Love at the Fort, where they shot out of the fences.

At Mamma's Oyster House.

Some one was too tired to make it through lunch. zzz

Matt Rocking the Daniel

The gorgeous river walk area and the slave kitchen.

Magnolia flowers are amazing! One of my all time favorites now. They smell gorgeous!

I loved this old tree.

As part of my Mother's Day weekend Matt and I decided to head back over the Natchitoches and tour the plantations, unfortunately/fortunately we were far too happily distracted by too many other cool things to make the plantations, so I guess this gives us an excuse to go back again...haha~ Hey, I love Natchitoches, so the more time we get to spend, the better! We went to the Fort, which is really just a french settlement. Fort Jean Baptiste. It was really cool. I LOVE history! I wish the boy's could have gone. Maybe next time though, seeing as it was at the rockin price of $2.00 to tour and we some how lucked into getting in free because they were short on change...haha! Score. After the tour we ate lunch at Mamma's Oyster House and had amazing sea food, then went window shopping in all the cute little shops we were too afraid to even look at side ways with our brood in tow last time,and we may or may not have purchased more fudge...I'll never tell. I got to get some shopping in, and Matt and I got to drink old green bottle cokes from the mercantile, take pictures down by the river walk, and the old kitchen that was once on one of the plantations, that had been moved to it's current location right in the middle of town. I really enjoyed our day!
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