Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3 Months Old

3 Months old!!
This would have been posted yesterday however my internet decided not to cooperate.
Can you believe it! Just keeps going by faster and faster! Aidan now practically refuses to lay down if he can help it and wants someone holding him in the sitting up position so he can see the world. He's all grins and smiles all day long. we've FINALLY over come the majority of the reflux/vomiting hurtle. THANK HEAVENS! One time in about 3 weeks!!! It's still heart breaking when it happens because he cries uncontrollably for up to 30-40 mins before hand and the only thing that makes it better is to nurse nurse we do...then he ralphs and all is better....well except Momma's heart! His little face could melt stone! It's just too sad looking after ward! Yes...He has me very well wrapped around his chubby little fingers, and I will happily stay right there!

He also LOVES the Superman flying we do! lol he's so fun and animated!
What he does NOT love? Tummy time! This face lasts about 10 seconds..then comes the fussing and the over all crying. Gotta love it!

Aidan's newest thing is talking. He has discovered his beautiful little voice and makes it known that he's using it! I LOVE our little talks. Cody especially loves hearing him talk, just makes his day. I love every adventure with this new little guy!

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