Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Wonders of Natchitoches Part II

Matt drinking a Coke.

The Catholic chapel

My Love at the Fort, where they shot out of the fences.

At Mamma's Oyster House.

Some one was too tired to make it through lunch. zzz

Matt Rocking the Daniel

The gorgeous river walk area and the slave kitchen.

Magnolia flowers are amazing! One of my all time favorites now. They smell gorgeous!

I loved this old tree.

As part of my Mother's Day weekend Matt and I decided to head back over the Natchitoches and tour the plantations, unfortunately/fortunately we were far too happily distracted by too many other cool things to make the plantations, so I guess this gives us an excuse to go back again...haha~ Hey, I love Natchitoches, so the more time we get to spend, the better! We went to the Fort, which is really just a french settlement. Fort Jean Baptiste. It was really cool. I LOVE history! I wish the boy's could have gone. Maybe next time though, seeing as it was at the rockin price of $2.00 to tour and we some how lucked into getting in free because they were short on change...haha! Score. After the tour we ate lunch at Mamma's Oyster House and had amazing sea food, then went window shopping in all the cute little shops we were too afraid to even look at side ways with our brood in tow last time,and we may or may not have purchased more fudge...I'll never tell. I got to get some shopping in, and Matt and I got to drink old green bottle cokes from the mercantile, take pictures down by the river walk, and the old kitchen that was once on one of the plantations, that had been moved to it's current location right in the middle of town. I really enjoyed our day!
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Bon said...

Beautiful pictures Rach! You look so beautiful and your babe has already changed so much!

Rivka said...

I can almost smell the magnolias from here. . . heaven!