Thursday, May 13, 2010

Generic Star Makeover

I love stars, I really do, they are so fun and I love to decorate with them, however I get tired of just the plain old metallic look of them after a while. I have two upstairs in my hallway with my table set up and they just seemed to blend into the background. Hopefully I have remedied this. I sanded down each star with a fine sand paper just got make sure it had enough grip. I used spray on adhesive and craft paper.

When spraying the craft paper on you need to spray the metal really well, allow it to set for about 15-20 seconds and then place the paper down, making sure all the corners and edges are secure. I did them in sections to ensure that my adhesive didn't dry before I could place the paper correctly.

The papers edges however don't fit exactly, thus....more need for sand paper. After the glue was completely dry I used the sand paper block (fine grit) to sand the tips, and all the edges down, A) to make it fit better and B) because I like a more distressed look.

The finished product.

I used an aqua paper with gold glitter (lurve it!) and a Paris print on one and a Map of the world print on the other.
What do ya think? Over kill or just the right touch...hmm I do tend to get carried away sometimes.

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TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I think it looks great! Very cute!