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The Wonders of Natchitoches

Since we moved here last May we've heard about the alligator park in Natchitoches. With Natchitoches being a little over an hour away we had yet to venture there. Well, with this weekend being a long one (recoup for Matt's squadron from Geurnsey) we decided we didn't want to be stuck in the house all weekend so off we went.

This is Aidan in the gift shop as we went too funny. Just love this expression.

There were baby alligators, medium sized and BIGGUNS! These little fellas were the ones they let the kids hold, they were thrilled! Matty was excited that the gators mouth was taped . We learned some interesting facts about gators, like they have to be in water to swallow since they don't make saliva. That for very short distances on flat land they can out run a horse! Skurry!

Good gravy look how long my hair is!

LOL Cody kills me.

Mr. and Mrs. Gator

The goats were out sunning themselves and the boys got to pet and feed them, Michael was concerned (as was I) at first that the goats were possibly there to be FED to the gators. Epp!

Those goats would make a good dinner for these big fella's

So we decided that to even the playing field we would have gator tail for lunch! Mmmmm and what good gator tail it was! It was tastey-rific! Don'tcha think so mr. Aidan?

Once again, report cards came out and that means grade money and grade money meant hermit crabs??? Yup Michael and Cody both saw these little land dwellers and went nuts! Hey it's a pet that doesn't bark or meow, doesn't need more than one tiny bottle of food per year and will eat table scraps occasionally and lives in a cage...My kind of pet!

Michael named this one Des (short for designer, as he thought this looked like a fashionable cheetah printed shell) and his 2nd one was name Sea (because it's shell is sea blue). We'll discuss the names of Cody's crabs in a moment.

Matthew's grade money equaled googley eyes...hahaha! Nom nom nom...yummy eye balls.

kinda cute...kinda creepy no?

Speaking of Nom nom nom....Aidan had to have lunch out of the heat ( thank heaven's for A.C.) and away from that awesome swampy gator smell

Matthew also got two gator toys for his good (semi good ....ok well good for a 5 year old who is learning) behavior grades. He piped up and said..."One is named Shushey and the other is Carmen" lol Now where did that come from ?

Now I have to once again thank my friend Kimber Tower for her awesome baby gift. She gave me this baby carrier as a shower gift and MAN does Aidan love it and so does Momma! He spent 90% of our outing in the carrier and slept most of the day very happily laid against my chest while we took a carriage ride. Nothing like a sleeping angel on your chest with a warm breeze and history. It was so lovely and my hands were free to keep the other three corralled in the

My other three angels. I just love how they enjoy learning about history!

Ahhh...and here we discuss the name for Cody's crabs. One he named "shy" because it is rather anti social and won't come out of the shell...the other ....

Well I hopped out of the car to get a picture of the house they filmed "Steel Magnolias" in and Matt had to drive around the block ( too small a street we didn't want to hold up traffic), as he came back around and I hopped in I heard whimpers which quickly progressed to cries and then even quicker proceeded to become WAILS of pain. *Snicker* ok, now I know I am NOT the only parent who laughs at inappropriate times now am I. And this was one of those times. We had previously made sure the kids knew not to mess with the crabs, especially in a moving vehicle, as they were scared and needed time to adjust....someone didn't one of Cody's crabs was being held in Michael's hand...over a bump they went and the crab clung to Michael's soft flesh for dear was none to happy about this. Cody named his crab, ever so aptly, Mr. Pincher's. LMAO! Ohhh it was so sad and yet...I had those horrid silent giggles, the ones where you just can't get the smile off your face.

It seems some one else had the same problem....HAHAHA. He was trying so hard not to bust a gut.

We learned some really fun stuff about Natchitoches on our tour. It was the 1st town to be settled in the state. That it's banks had tunnels to get the money from the rivers to the banks unseen. That it's stock full of beautiful plantations (which we can not wait to go back and see, but our day had gotten a little too long so Matt and I plan to go back as a romantic weekend sometime and see them. We can't wait.)

They have also had two of my favorite movies filmed there. Steel Magnolia's obviously, and then..."The Horse Soldier's" with my second husband, John Wayne! When we saw this Fluer De Lis on the side walk Matt HAD to hop out of the carriage and get a photo. He loves The Duke as much as I do. Interesting tid bit...The city honor's the famous people that come to the area with these instead of Hollywood walk of fame stars, and John Wayne was given one.....however his co-star, William Holden was he called Natchitoches a po dunk town and refused to stay there during the filming. HAHA! Hey, have any of you been wondering how to say Natchitoches? Phonetically you would assume it would be Nat-chi-toe-chess right? Nope...NACK-A-DISH. LOL Sooo back woods but I think I am in love with this little town! So chock full of history and beauty!

I so love Southerns (ahem....some of them). As we were walking the river walk and exploring the area Matt was about to snap of picture of the kids and I when a jogger passing by stopped and asked if he would like to be in the picture as well. Aww. And it turned out so cute. I was grateful. I love my family!

We also went into an adorable little store called The Louisiana Purchase where we bought EVIL fudge and fudge ice cream, also some very sexy sun glasses.
This must be how Aidan felt at the fact that he wasn't getting ice cream...hahaha.

He was so good, he even sat quietly while we went in and had Japanese food for dinner. Have I said how proud I am that my boy's will eat sushi? I love it!

Now didn't I say my new sun glasses were sexy...ohhhh ya! Bow chicka Wow WOwww... LOL

Not so much but hey they function.

Grr the picture of the jr high sign is annoying me as it doesn't belong in this post but refuses to delete.

This picture is of random trees growing out of the water along the road. It was so cool! It looks exactly like one of the shots in the John Wayne movie I love.

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