Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I have been a very lucky woman to be raised by such a strong woman. A woman who raised me to be a woman, a Mother, and wife. She showed me how to hold my head up and move on despite adversity and life altering pain. She taught me how to grieve and not allow that grief to drag you down but to help you be empathetic to other's pain. How to get your kids to do chores by offering tic tacks as incentives, and how to put the FEAR in She's a great Mother and I love her! Thank you Mom!

I am also so very lucky to have a Mother in law who is more than a Mother in law, she's a great friend, and confidant, has loved my boy's as her own grand kids, and accepted me despite my faults. She raised amazing kids and I lucked out and got an amazing husband out of it! My amazing husband is all due to his parents so Thanks Mom #2.

I love them!!

I have so many amazing reasons to be a happy Mommy! This Mother's Day was wonderful despite the fact that Jon wanted the kids for the weekend and decided not to switch weekends with me so I could have them for Mother's Day. My boy's made sure I knew they loved me and were proud to have me as their Mother. I never knew how much I would love being a Mother when I was young. Had I known what this would feel like I never would have aspired to be anything but a Mother and to have 40 kids. Ok....*cough cough* not 40....4 is pretty These boy's are my life!

Michael makes my day's so funny. He cracks me up! He has this smile that makes you grin, no matter what has happened that day. A twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes that can say "I love you" without a word. He is an amazing big brother!

My 4 son's. Cody, Michael, Matthew and Aidan. I am the luckiest Mother out there!

Look at the smile on that boy! Trying so hard to grow grow grow! What a brightness he brings to our lives! All of us trying to raise him (his big strong brother's included) to be a great man some day, just like all my boy's!!

My sweet hubby made reservations for us to take a boat ride around Toledo Bend and have a steak lunch out there, it was so nice.....the weather didn't really want to cooperate, it was ratha chilly, and once that boat started going that wind picked up. Matt is awesome even thinking ahead to make sure I brought my hoodie and fortunately we brought 3 blankets for lil man, we needed all 3!

Isn't it pretty?

And there is our Eskimo marsh mellow puff all chumbawumba in his life

He looked like a little turtle..popping his head outta that life vest.

Now this was the best gift ever!

Cody wrote me an amazing letter!

Dear Mom,

I love and care for you. Your a great person, and an even better Mom. You have beautiful eyes, your a great chef. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm very thankful for what you've done for me. You are very astonishing. Your the bestMom in the whole wide world. You do extrodinary things. I think you're a awesome Mom. You mean very much to me. If I could I would give you a million dollars. Your so nice to me , Michael and Matthew (guess he forgot opps).

From your loving Son


Matty made me a giant card at school with his beautiful little hand prints for me to always remember.

Matt bought me this monogramed sign for the front yard and YESSSS (scoreeeeeeee) two baking items I've been gagging for! One makes mini brownie bunt cakes and the other makes cupcakes in the shape of ice cream cones, and instead of putting frosting on the cupcakes you put a scoop of ice cream right on top.. SOO cool! Can not wait for Cody's birthday next month to try it out! We also spent Saturday in Natchitoches again, post coming soon, just too many photo's to add to one post. So over all I had an AWESOME weekend! Aren't I lucky? I don't get just a day...I got a whole weekend! My boy's were home in time for dinner and to watch "The Tooth Fairy" with me, and Matt made us spicy cheesy chicken and rotel for dinner. I heart my family!

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