Monday, July 19, 2010

5 Months Old

Well, Aidan is 5 months old today! Sniff, sniff! I love seeing him meeting his developmental marks and learning but it's bitter sweet to see him growing up so soon. He's still my little one and I need him to stay teeny tiny! Since we are still breastfeeding we haven't started baby food yet,(per discussion with pediatrician and researching breastfeeding- weaning to food) that will be a whole other venture in and of itself as I plan on doing home made baby food.....eep! I am tentative and very excited all at once about this.......As for Aidan's goings on this month.....
~Aidan's is sitting up a good bit more, he sits up straight and stays that way if being held, and can sit up unassisted for a few seconds....we are working on that one.
Aidan is SUPER social now. All smiles, giggles and coo's, left, right, and center. He's very into watching others eat so I know he's getting close to wanting to try. He's also a rolling monkey! Roll, roll, rolling all over the place! That and giggles! Oohhhhhhhhhhhh those beautiful giggles! We are such a lucky family to have kids that NEVER (well...have YET to complain about Aidan or helping him) they LOVE their baby brother so much! Michael was playing with Aidan and really had him cracking up. those moments!!

I'm such a sucker Momma....this little one is still sleeping in our room because I can't bare to be parted with him at night just we use his real crib for play time and naps ( all the fluffy pillows, blankets, and so are removed before this just so those of you who would be worried about the EXTREME fluffiness of his bedding and smothering chances). Speaking of which I forgot how entirely frightening this movement stage is.....where they roll over in their sleep and could smother on blankets and so on....freaks me out! That and I am NOT prepared for the crawling!!! Must BABY PROOF HOUSE BEFORE MATT DEPLOYS!

Aidan getting a bath from Matty. Aidan LOVES water!!!! He's all about splashing and talking to you during his bath.

Toe grabbing! Soon he'll be sucking on those lil piggies.

There is a ton of squirming and shaking on tummy time (which he isn't hating so much now) he gets annoyed that he can't go and he wants to go, go, go!
See that face!!!!!! Our little punk rocker is just too cute! I am rather prejudiced

Naps..........sigh...I already miss the days where he would sleep for hours on end. Right now he takes 20 minutes naps all willy nilly throughout the day if you lay him down in the swing, his bed or anywhere else, but will sleep for 2-3 hours in my arms.....spoiled much? my own fault!

But once he sleeps.....oh the beauty of a sleeping Angel.

Well.....that's it for now! Our angel is growing up, teaching me all about raising a baby all over again.....and cute as a button while he does it!


Rivka said...

He really is so cute, Rach!
I love making my own baby food - it's what I've always done!
When does Matt get deployed?

~Our Hooah Lives~ said...

this fall, we can't really put a date out becuase of OPSEC (operational security) but somewhere after my birthday and before Thanksgiving-ish. Any good pointers on making your own baby food?

Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn, and Lauren said...

Oh my gosh Rach he is so cute. I just want to squeeze him!