Thursday, June 24, 2010

Midieval Times

I'm not sure which fan-tab-ulous family member thought about doing Midieval Times, or who found the AWESOME deal on tickets, but I sure am glad they did! Man did we luck out on prices on things this trip.... We LOVED IT!!!! It was so much fun! It was especially awesome because the ENTIRE family and family to be got to go. Brittany and her fiance Jereme, Nana, Grandaddy, cousin Keaton, Amber, and Jordan. Well...sadly Gramma was missing and Hunter stayed with family, but MOST of us were there.
Midieval times was so worth it. Come to find out there is a version that has a pirate ship (so Oma say's) and I fully plan to see that one next time we are there. Midieval times was so fun! It was loud, and raucous, and overall AWESOME! I loved the food, I loved the games, and I loved seeing my kids have a blast! This was part of Cody's birthday present for his 9th birthday seeing as he wasn't going to be able to have a friends party while on vacation. So, since we were there we had him be King for a day. He LOVED it! I was so cute seeing his face when the very convincing old King knighted him.

They also had a package where they recognize deployments and redeploying Soldier's, so we did one for Matt, it got him a pretty cool sword too. He's such a good

Matthew, Michael, and Cody getting ready to go in and cheer for the Red Knight, whom I must saw...was HAWT.....I figured I might as well cheer for

Aunt Britt holding Aidan before we went in. I was nervous about the general noise level during the show, it was getting later and I knew he was going to want to nurse and sleep and in a room full of screaming fans I wasn't sure he was going to be his usual joyful self.

Two of my handsome men.

Matt and I mid show proving that Aidan really was sleeping through it. He nursed under my awesome Hooter hider, and then fell asleep in my arms.

AAAANNNNDDD then woke watched some of the show...

Smiled and giggled with Daddy....

Cody eating his complimentary piece of cake...did I mention that the food was AMAZING??! SOOOO yummy! Eating with your hands, roasted chicken, potatoes and garlic bread....mmmm

Matt eating HIS piece of cake after they gave the birthday shout out over the speaker at the beginning of the show for Cody and then for Matt's up coming deployment.
The games were pretty cool! Once didn't hurt that our knight was
WOOOOOO can ya tell that at this point our knight was kickin some trash!
And then....he crashed back out for the remainder! What a great baby!
The boy's had a blast waving around expensive, obnoxious swords, waving over priced flags and screaming while eating with their hands! A place where a boy can truly be a boy!
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