Saturday, June 26, 2010

Predeployment Family BBQ

Matt parents are such sweet hearts. They wanted to make sure that Matt got to see as much family as possible while he was home on leave, so they planned a bbq. Unfortunately not as many people showed up as had RSVP'ed and frankly....that's rude folks.....if ya say you're coming...COME..if you can't accordingly. If you have a family member or a friend who comes home once every 2-4 years.....MAYYYYBBBBEEE you should show up...take 2 hours out of your very busy Saturday and say "Hey man." For those who showed up....thank you. I know how much money and time was spent by my wonderful in laws for this bbq. I especially appreciate it because I know how much money they spent while we were home on this trip, doing things with us, and the day of that bbq it was BLISTERING hot! Who wants to stand next to the grill when it's already that hot out? Grandaddy...... sigh. Thank you guys!
Fortunately two of Matt's really good buddies were able to come. I know how much that meant to him. It was so cool for him to get to see Brandon and Anthony
MeMaw came, Grandaddy's Mom, obviously Aidan was NOT a happy camper. The bbq was held in the court yard of the hotel we were staying at so I was able to take him back to the room and the AC every so often to cool him off.
Stacey & Stephen White and her family came............She's a wish I lived closer and could get to know them better.
Grandaddy............grillin in that heat.
All the little ones eating in the heat...can you see them sweating...whooo..they were all dieing to get into the pool.
Me, Aidan, Matt, Memaw, Aunt Donna and Uncle Donald.
My beautiful Mother in Law Lisa, the perfect Hostess. She looks so pretty here.
~ Anthony, Matt and Brandon.
Thanks again Mom and Dad. The food was great, the company better. You guys are great.
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