Friday, June 25, 2010

The Fountian of Youth

One of the gems of this Florida trip was going to Ponce De Leon Springs State Park. I fell in love! If we go back to Florida we are defiantly taking a day trip there again!!! SO worth it! I was lured in by the pancakes you made at the tables. They were freaking awesome! Taste-tastic! You order your pancake filler (chocolate chips, fruit and so on) and they bring you two types of batter. Your table has a griddle in the center and you literally cook your own eggs and pancakes at the table it was so fun. What kid wouldn't love making their own pancakes?
Nana, Grandaddy, Matty and cousin Hunter seen here waiting for their food to cook.....cook faster darn you! Matty was in a hurry to eat!Cody and Michael were waiting on their batter....ya...that's a good idea....equip them with weapons when hungry.....genius! jk

Aunt Brittany, Aunt Amber, and Uncle Jordan.


Cody flipping his own pancakes.

Yup...I make breakfast for us even when we go out to's inevitable...Momma can't get away from the kitchen...haha

Now for those of you who are history buffs, this was cool! This is where Ponce De Leon discovered what he thought was "The Fountain of Youth". Do I think these waters were magical? Uh ya! It was hot as (insert explicative here) out and the springs we swam in were FFFFFFFF-REEEZING! OHHHH happy, happy, joy, joy! I neglected to bring a swim suit so Grandaddy lovingly lent me his shorts! Awwww that man is so sweet, he perpetually gives, gives, gives! Love him!

Here Matty and I are standing under what used to be a part of the original sugar mill.

The Fountain of youth. If you want to know more about it, read here.

Cody and Matthew looking at the alligator filled lake. Uh, no seriously there were signs all over...."No Swimming, alligators"

Look at that sweet face. Man I hated my freckles as a kid but now I see why my parents called them Angel kisses. Each of my boys so far has some freckels. I love them!

One of the other things we got to do while here was paddle boat...HOLY CRAP what a work out!!! My knee was SCREAMING at me by the hour mark when we returned the boats.
Britt, Me, Amber and Matty on one boat....

Michael, Cody, Matt and Jordan on the other.
We loved our day spent at the springs! I really hope one day to go back..I love being able to teach my kids about history and yet get to do fun activities. So cool! Highly recommend going if you are in the area!
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