Monday, June 21, 2010

Disney World 2010

While on our vacation to see our family in Orlando we had hoped to do Disney World for the kids...ok, ok me too! I Heart Disney! However.......gas, hotels, food, misc and 4 stops in 4 different states meant, nope, no el mulah for Disney, we were super disappointed. Fortunately while we were at a wedding of Matt's friend, Aunt Amber mentioned to a church friend (thank you, thank you, thank you!) that we would love to go however were devoid of the funds to do so. Sister fabulous whom happens to work at Disney offered to get us in free! We were SO lucky!!! It was an amazing gift and I am writing thank you cards asap!

Despite the heat Aidan was happy as always! Here are Uncle Jordan and Aunt Amber cracking him up while we were on the tea cups...awww and um I LURVE the tea cups!!

Jordan and Amber had to enter a different park than we did, per the free tickets and while waiting for us they took Matty to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story. OMG....He was in heaven! He has talked of little else since...."You know what Momma? I see'd Buzz and Woody one day!" He reminded us all this week when we went to see Toy Story 3. So cute!~ Thanks to Amber, Jordan and Mom for helping me with the kids at Disney! I highly doubt I could have done the theme parks without you! I would have lost my mind attempting to herd my gaggle of geese.

We got to spend some time with Matt's cousin, the kids 2nd cousin Keaton at Disney, he was very excited however my camera stinks and only snaps pictures AFTER people drop their smiles. We were just going in here!

Here are Matt and I on the Ferry over to the Magic Kingdom...I was soooooooo excited!!

Yup....sweetie pie was excited too! Look at all his little grins in the heat.... I just can't get over how good my little guy was! only 3 1/2 months old and doin Disney yo!

Michael and Cody were good sports and helped push Keaton and Matty around the park. Goodness those strollers came in handy!

Doesn't Aidan look too cute with his Disney buttons!

We loved the parades that happened all day long....Matty was so excited he couldn't hardly even smile, it was more of a "WOW" face.....Sigh....the memories we had that day!
Swiss Family Robinson was one of my favorite movies as a kid so I LOVED climbing the tree house with the knee...nope, it didn't love it as
Aunt Amber posing in one of the rooms in the tree really was intricate and so cool! I really MUST rent that movie for the kids! Rent, schment...I'll buy I loved it and I know we'll watch it a lot.

Hey there Jordan! He was taking pictures all day so he didn't end up in many of the shots...oh the trials of the perpetual

Cody, Matthew, Keaton, and Michael in the tree house.

Can you tell they were all already hot and sweaty? Poor little red faces and we'd only just started doing the parks.

Nana,Matty, Keaton, Cody and Michael doing the magic carpet ride.

My Gorg hubby and my littlest man waiting in line at the Jungle boat ride.

YAY!!! I got Keaton smiling!!! Matty and Keaton on the Jungle boat ride.

He he....Cody's face was so funny....he thought....really.....this is it?? I think Cody is under the impression that he's too cool for all this.......that is until later....once we started the roller coasters and Buzz Lightyear....oh ya....Disney started to look REALLY

After the Jungle ride it was off to Pirates of the Caribbean! WOOT!! LURVE it! Look at the sexy hunny and Jordan are such good sports.

Amber and I were ratha cute in our little Pirate Princess ears...

Nana, Aidan and I all waited while the rest of the group went and did Splash Mountain, they had a blast! Nana and I hit a gift shop while we waited...hey it worked out. Just look at those

After Splash Mountain it started to POUR! Here are Amber and Nana trying to entertain Keaton and Matty during the rain..we lucked out and found a little shelter...there wasn't much..and there were A LOT of people trying to squeeze under there.

Our sweet little guy finally crashed out and stayed that way for a while during all the rain, that rain was so welcomed! It really cooled us off...we had to run into a gift shop and grab a poncho to which we used to cover the stroller, since we knew it was going to keep pouring while we waited in line for other attractions so we wouldn't come back to a soaked car seat for little man to be laid back down in.

Haha, look at those two goofs, waiting in line for The Haunted Mansion.

Once again, the baby carrier from Kimber came in SOOOOO handy! Little Aidan needed some Mommy one on one time and played and cuddled and then passed out for two hours! I love that carrier! It made waiting in line so fun.

Ahem, talking about fun waiting in line....ya...those two are who we spent in line with all
Fantasy land reminded me so much of Europe! Sigh...I miss Europe!

We all wore ears even if just for a little bit that day, so of course Aidan had to be subjected to it

Here are Michael, Cody and Matty doing the Tea Cups.

And now for Cody's "AWESOMEEEEEE" part...The Buzz Lightyear ride! He was in heaven!

I didnt do this ride, I was all "rided" out after Space Mountian. Did I ever mention that I am a complete control freak? Yup, so a roller coaster that I can't see what's coming next...not my that and it was the 1st BIG roller coaster Matty got to do, and I was terrified that he was too small for it to be safe...obviously Disney has safety precautions in place and wouldn't have allowed him on the ride had he not been sufficently large enough for it to be safe but that doesn't mean I wasn't ya no more roller coasters in the dark for Mommy! But Matty and the other kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!

As the night was winding down we made it to the castle to watch the parade of lights and fire works. It was so pretty! We were all so worn out at this point so sitting and watching pretty lights was exactly what was needed at this point. For having done a theme park for about 12 hours, with 5 kids.....(my 4 and Keaton) and one of them being under 4 went very smoothly! I was never happier to see my bed! My feet were very upset with
It was an amazing day and the only thing that would have made it better was it Brittany and Grandaddy could have come along as well and if we had been able to do multiple parks. I would have loved the chance to do Hollywood studios...maybe next time though? We are crossing our fingers that on the next Florida trip (which we have no idea when that will be) that we can do the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! I would have given up Disney for that. My kids were begging to go but they weren't opened yet. Boo. But I can't complain...this trip was amazing! I can't believe they have a while Wizarding park now.....EEKKKK! So excited at the idea of some day going. Disney...was fantastic!

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