Saturday, April 24, 2010

Michael's Birth Photo's

Michael and Cody's 1st Easter bunny visit. Michael was VERY mad at this bunny as Cody was scared to death of him! He had been bawling and the photo some how captured the picture just as his face simmered but Michael's is priceless. He loves his brother! lol

Michael and Cody, Cody as a new born and Michael about 19 months old,.....yup...that's my bra on his head.

David Lee, Bob, (Amy's boy's) Kiki (Kristy's daughter) and Cody (4 months) and Michael (about 20 months)

Look at that smooch...awwwww this boy has been able to melt my heart from day one.

Look at that chub!! He is so slender now but MAN was be a chunk! SOO cute!!!

Boy his eye's are so pretty! Golly I love this kid! Man makes me all teary looking at all these and thinking of all he's learned and how he's grown.

I was so excited when we got Aidan's new born pictures done, and when we loaded all of Aidan's gorgeous pictures to our blog knowing it would be in our printed blog book for us to see forever, but it was with a little sadness thinking.....what about Michael and Cody and Matthew's baby pictures? Sure I have Matty's (what few his Dad took at the time) because we had a digital camera then, but what about Michael and Cody's? I didn't have one then. So I pulled out the scanner and scanned in all my scrap booking pages from their first few years. I'm so glad we have this technology to be able to do this! So here are a few of Michael's earlier years (his actual "birth" photo's still need scanned in) I just couldn't wait!
Michael.........I love you so much son!

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