Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day

Matthew burning off energy after the picnic
My baby brother!
Holy cow it's bright out here!
"Look Mommy brought my brother...come see come see!!"
Planting seeds
water water
yet another reason why I am dieting...ahhh photographs help ever so much to motivate! lol
All the little beings begging to hold Aidan.....eekkk all the germs!!

Matty's school had an Earth Day picnic at lunch and both Matthew and I were soooo excited all week waiting for it! I got some really cute pictures of Matty and Aidan and of course all of Matty's little buddies who HADDDDD to hold his baby brother once they saw that I had my camera out and was letting Matty hold him....opps. Next time I'll be a tyrant and tell them all "No!" but how can you say no to sweet little 4-5 year olds? I did call it quits on the 4th kid who had a nasty runny nose and then it reminded me "dur Rachael...germs!! HELLO!" Ya...I'm a genius I know! Despite the germs Matty and I had a great time at his Earth Day picnic! Yay!

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