Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is the picture that did it for me! I have officially gone from "big girl" to "fat-tacular" status! Yes, I am aware that I just had a baby, but frankly
...I lost enough weight during the pregnancy that what I gained balanced out. I ended up weighing approximately the same amount after I had Aidan that I had before...lets just say that my three digit weight equivalent is Ekk-Ouch-Boinggggg~!
So despite pregnancy I'm still just as fat...just proportioned with a more jello like consistency...which honestly...who doesn't just love that? I know I just adds to the shear sexiness that is me!
So I am on a get me arse back! I'm tired of being tired and feeling ugh. I'm tired of having to take pictures 10 times to get one good one so you don't see my double chin's double chin...I suddenly have the blood hound gang's lyric running through my head "She's got more chin's than a Chinese phone book" lol...(yes...yes I do use humor to mask my insecurities..haha). I'm fed up with being fat and I need motivation and support, and where better to motivate myself to eat better than to splash my fatness on my blog in the hopes of guilting myself into eating low fat yogurt as a treat instead of milky-way bars!
I won't be posting my actual weight or inches, as this is far too humiliating, I will however document if I stuck to my healthier eating habits and if I've lost weight or inches and how much. I weighed myself to get a good starting point and I feel ever so badly as I swear I can still hear the scale crying it's tiny numerical tears. Man it still kills me to see the actual number! I'm not really worried too much about the "number" so much as the inches and being healthy so here we go. I finished off the last of the oreo's and now I look longingly at the I'm hoping to give weekly updates on if I'm sticking to my goals. I'm not sure if I'll post weight loss or inches lost weekly or just monthly. Frankly as long as I loose any weight on a regular basis then I'm hitting my goals. Ass....I am a comin for ya!
Also I am aware of the fact that while nursing I need a certian amount of calories and I've taken that into account.

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