Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a BOY!........again! HAHA

And then the results

The other afternoon I was whining to my little sister Kristy about how we were going to have to wait weeks to find out what we were having and she asked me why I hadn't tried these new gender tests. I googled it and evidently it's been featured on shows like Good Morning America and so on. It's 90% accurate in lab tests and 82% with human error. You pee in a cup and basically it reads hormone levels and so on and tada. We took two to see how accurate it was. So far we are going to assume that the results are correct and that we are now expecting my 4th, Matt's 1st son! lol The kids took it well even though they have really had their fingers crossed for a sister. Now that they have an idea that it's most likely a boy they are more excited to help up try out name combinations and pick out things for the room. We aren't going to be painting the room, or shopping a lot for baby until we get the ultrasound to confirm the results. As soon as we have a name set in stone we will let everyone know, for now it's still something we are working on but having fun with it! We have been a tiny bit disappointed that we aren't having a girl but as you can see, as soon as we found out it was a boy Daddy had to run to the store and buy cute little clothes,.....well, ok , fine, we both did!
Daddy was super excited to buy an outfit for him!
I LOVE this little dinosaur sleeper Matt bought, it's so cute!
it's a boy!!
Matt and I are having a good laugh over God's sense of humor. He must really like this joke seeing as he keeps playing it year after year. LOL!

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The Calder Family said...

Congrats on another boy!! You obviously have a lot of patience because my ONE boy gives me a run for my money!! I am very excited for you!