Monday, September 7, 2009

Where there's a will there's a way!

A Gator fan won't be denied!!!!! Saturday was the 1st Gator football game of the season and my men were all every hyped up for the game! We had dr. pepper, football shaped soda's (I NEVER let them have caffeine......EVER, so this was a huge treat for them), mini English muffin pizza's, hot dogs, mini bags of chips, and candy corn pumpkins! We had been really excited about this, and the Gator's being ranked #1 in the nation we were CERTAIN that the game would be on tv.
Come game time......IT WASN'T ON!! Now this had everyone freaking out. Matt found the game online and was watching the very beginning on his tiny laptop screen with 4 other people attempting to hover over his shoulders when it dawned on Matt.........our tv has hook ups!!! He set to it, and 4 mins later.........SUCCESS!!!
hooking the laptop to the tv
Some one looks proud!
We couldn't get any sound on the tv and the laptops sound was WAY too quiet so he hooked up the computers speakers to the lap top and own McGuiver! Be still my little heart! lol
no sound so he hooked up the comp
The the 1st touch down only a minute or so in and what I caught on camera AFTER all the screaming of "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS woohooooooooo" lol

We had a great little family party, and of course the Gator's won....duh!
GATOR FANS MUCH??!?!?  lol
Unfortunately Matty had a fever most of the evening, sat quietly most of the time and then became a little photographer,
poor feverish baby, so sweet even when he's sick
Matty the photographer made Matt snuggle his frog for the picture.
making Matt hold his froggie and pose with what a Ham.
Pumpkin eyes and bottle cap eyes  lol
mini pizza making
Matty helping Matt Make mini english muffin pizza's
I love College football, I love Saturday night games, and I love having my boys all around me enjoying the same thing and not fighting with one another for at least a 3-4 hour I need more football games!! lol

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