Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Cody

Well it's a week today since Cody had his tonsillectomy, and while I cannot deny how fast his surgeon was, or how well he did the first few days, I have to say that I am on the verge of KUNG-FU kicking his Dr.s teeth in! GRR. Who doesn't make a follow up appointment with a post operative patient? Who doesn't call to check on their patient? Evidently Cochise Ear Nose and Throat that's who. About 2 days after surgery Cody began running a low grade fever that would spike to 101.3 on and off, but when I called in the office wasn't worried about it. He ran out of pain medication and when I called in to get a refill they told me over and over they were calling it in. After 6 fruitless trips to Walgreen's to pick up medication that wasn't there I lost my cool. Cody was running fever, refusing to eat (normal) and refusing even to drink. After 48 hours of drinking nothing but a tsp. here and a tsp. there I had, had it! I was furious. I took Cody into the ER last night at about 5:30pm, Jon kindly took Michael and Matthew to his apartment and kept them while I was there. We hit the "crazy"night at the Er. It was PACKED! It was after 10:30 pm before we were taken back. And after 12 am before he was seen. He was very dehydrated and his blood pressure was up due to his pain level. They tried to trick him into eating jello and drinking punch or having a Popsicles as if I hadn't really tried to get him to drink or eat....DUR! My freezer, fridge and cupboards are FILLED with ice creams, Popsicles, jello, pudding, koolaid, anything soft you could think of, not to mention his favorite home made cheesy broccoli soup. Well all he did was burst into tears over and over when they forced him to take bites and swallow, finally they caught on that " Gee this kid might be in real pain." ..............Really??? You think so? After only 6 1/2 hours of him crying in the Er?? whatever let you draw THAT conclusion! GRR.. I hate medical professionals who act like they defiantly know better than the child's Mother. Which, yes they often do, but come on! So after an IV, a LOVELY stab of Morphine to the leg, a lidocaine swish and a little nap he was good to go. We headed BACK to Walgreen's to get the meds that I had called and reamed his DR.s emergency line until the Dr. called me back, and once again......NO FREAKING MEDS! then we headed to Jon's to get Michael and Matthew then off to bed, he slept from 2 am until 11 am lol. Woke up and was bawling in pain again. I called the Dr and sadly yelled at his receptionist until the nurse got on and called in the prescription WITH ME ON THE PHONE! I hate being "THAT WOMAN" but you know what, when you tell me you've done it over and over and over and my nerves aer frazzled from listening to a child cry, fuss and whine for days on end with nothing but tylonol.....sorry. She caught my wrath poor thing, and she was so sweet. I apologized later...lol We finally got his pain meds about 20 minutes ago and OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!! He is downing water as we speak, and gulping down soup and jello! I asked the Dr why he was in so much extra pain lately and he said "oh on the 5-6th day after surgery the nerves start coming back and it can be very painful its normal" ........OI! why didn't you warn me?? Seriously, even the Er was annoyed that he hadn't had a follow up appointment. Guess I won't be referring anyone to this Dr. lol. So long story short, Cody did well in the beginning but hit a wall of pain and his Dr. failed to see him or get him the pain meds he needed until it was too late but he's doing GREAT now thanks to a very pissy Mom! lol

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