Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Christmas Tree

Well we finally decorated our Christmas tree, as I am sure most of you have already done, and my boys usually help do it Thanksgiving day, but there were other things to do that day so we put it off, had Mom come over and we just let the boys at it.....we even things out after they went to bed but they did most of the tree decorating this year, it was fun! Mikey was very good at delegating where they should go, and Cody was great about climbing in and under and around to place them where Mikey said too. Matthew helped too, At fist he just stripped of his Jammie's and put on the Santa hat, sat on the stool and zoned out to the Polar Express, but after a while he got even sillier and put on some stockings I are a few good there is only one of Cody, as after a few minutes he decided to write Mom and I "I love you notes that he would wad up and THROW at us from the other was fun! Hot Cocoa and Apple cider and cookies. What a fun night.

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The Bunnell Fam said...

I can't wait to get my tree up also tomorrow! Yea!! You need to take a picture of it decorated now too! I love seeing other people decorations on their tree!:0