Friday, November 30, 2007

I have got the toughest kids on earth! Mikey and Cody each had some big dental work that needed done. The Dentist we saw in Arizona was basically useless, and once we got to Texas unfortunately my health issues sort of took precedence and Jon and I both feel awful that the boys dental work was left. As soon as we got here we got in ASAP. Dr. Randy Smith here in Idaho Falls is AMAZING! If you ever know someone who needs a referral to a great's one! He did the work up on the boys and we talked, he explained that both boys had a few things that needed done. Mikey needed a tooth to be pulled, where the dentist in Arizona had done such shoddy work, he needed a filling and root treatment on another, and had traumatized saliva glands on his lip that were swollen and sticking out, that unless surgically removed would have remained there. I know allot of you have seen them on his lip and wondered what they were. Cody had to have a tooth pulled that both the dentist in Arizona and in Texas neglected to catch that it was abscessed, he needed two small fillings. Because having a tooth pulled and having fillings done can be traumatizing to kids their age and they offer sedation for long procedures, and then kids aren't afraid to go back to the dentist! Both boys had their work done this morning. The boys weren't allowed to eat or drink after midnight last night so needless to say they were hard to keep out of the kitchen this morning! When we got there Cody went first, while in the waiting room the nurse handed him a small cup with medicine that turned him loopy! It was hilarious, he and Mikey both (once Mikey had it) kept trying to get up and walk around, I had to hold them down and distract them.. With Cody Mikey asked him to say his ABCs and because it was so hilarious the first time I had to record it the second. The nurses and another lady in the waiting area were rolling! Man I couldn't even hold the camera steady, you have to listen close, phew...funny funny funny!

Mikey's video isn't nearly as long, I felt bad for the little guy, he drifted off really FAST! and wasn't playful, but I only tried for a minute so I could show him later on. When he woke up though, he was completely incoherent for two full hours, from the time he was opening his eyes and looking around he kept trying to get up and walk off and talk, none of which was working! He only realized where he was an hour and a half after we were home. They are however enjoying themselves now, loads of ice cream, sherbet, chicken noodle soup, milkshakes, jello and puddings galore! Gag. My stomach would hurt so badly right now.

The last picture is of the tree house the dentists office has for kids to play in while they wait...obviously NOT when they've had that medicine to drink, and last is of Cody waiting to wake up while Mikey was being worked on. I was hoping the pictures would end up down here but oh well. ! What a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heck I laughed so hard- to bad that isn't over the counter stuff-hahaha j/k


yeah i know! the dentist said the moms always kid that they want to take some home for

tamra said...

I could use some of that stuff right now... Do you think it would work until Christmas? Probably not--darn.

Rivka said...

LOL! I had no idea that I'd been saying my letters wrong all these years!