Friday, November 19, 2010

9 Months Old!

Teeth, teeth, teeth. I feel like this entire month has been about teeth! Aidan cut in his 1st bottom tooth not long ago and this in the three weeks since Matt left has cut in two more and the fourth not far behind. As you would assume, this three weeks has not been a fun three
The crawling has FINALLY happened. It's more of a belly scoot, then lean back and sit up, then but, it's movement. He just hasn't been interested in being mobile and frankly I haven't minded too much. It means more Mommy cuddle time and less exploring! Soon enough he will be off like a little rocket in every which direction, so I will soak up all of the "I need Momma" time I can get. Besides, all the hugs and cuddles help with the pain of missing my love.
"Da, Da" there has been a lot of "Da, da, da, da,da" going on, we aren't sure if he really knows that it means "DADA" or if it's more of a sound he enjoys, he does however seem to do it most when Matt gets on the web camera and talks to him. He has actually been nursing while I was on web cam with Matt (yes, I do that on camera. Any face time we get together we take and if that happens to fall into his feeding schedule so be it) and Aidan will hear Matt's voice and pull off, turn to the computer, say "Da, dadadada" and wave his little hand at the screen and grin. It MELTS ME!!!! I am loving that he knows who to look at when I say"where's Momma?" or "Where's Mikey?" .

Pulling up~ YES!! finally there too! He may not be a speed crawler but he is finally interested in grabbing a hold and hauling himself up. He does it to me mostly, but once there standing he wants to be turned and allowed to hold onto the couch looking back at his brothers who tend to play with him a lot. It's too cute.
Also...note the video Daddy, of him feeding himself fruit puffs! Yay!!

I am a bit behind on posts so next up, Halloween, and soon to follow the MOST AMAZING FAMILY PICTURES EVER!!!!!!!!!!
I heart Seraphino's photography! Amy Smith is just amazingly talented!

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