Sunday, November 14, 2010

Murphey's Law

Ya, Murphey thinks he's got jokes for Rachael this week! You know the old saying "When it rains it pours"? Well I have never been more thankful for being raised with a positive outlook than I was this past two weeks.
Things that made these last two weeks suck~
~Matt deployed
~The older three boys attitudes went haywire (to be expected , however, not allowed)
~I lost the master copy of the snack list for football games thus I didn't remind the right parent and the team had no snack at Thursday's game making me feel like a heel!
~ Aidan is cutting 3 new teeth, making him an all night screamer/ never wants to be put down.
~Three day long migraine kicked my butt.
~Lice was going around and school and for a second I thought Cody had it, thus all 3 older kids got high and tight hair cuts to avoid after all I have over 2 feet of hair...I don't need lice in the house!
~Some tool stole Matt's debit card information and drained his bank account. Ya, this one was a doosie.
~I forgot where I put my Power of Attorney (SUPER stupid move and I was thoroughly upset with myself for not having filed it away correctly), which I needed to send into Matt's bank to take care of the stolen money issue ASAP. Yup......I'm AWESOME like that.
~Both Michael and Cody have a 3 page research paper due and my laptop power cord wouldn't work, thus leaving us with no computer with which to research or type up the paper.
~I needed to do a wire transfer and after 3 attempts from my bank account it wouldn't work, and since I had a brand new card and brand new pin number I couldn't remember Yep, again, another shining moment of Rachaelness.
~I shampooed my carpets only to later that night have Aidan have explosive diarrhea out the diaper. Michael swooped him up in a second when he saw it and then gagged, allowing Aidan's foot to step in it and smoosh it all over the carpets. I finally lost it then and there, sat down on the couch and laughed with the kids until we cried. AHHH laughter what it will do for your soul!

I found put on my big girl panties and dealt with life! The kids learned that deployment or not attitudes aren't acceptable, we missed Matt like crazy but it helps that we get to see him on web camera and watch videos we took of Matt reading bedtime stories (this helps a lot!). The kids got hair cuts. I bought a new charger cord hopeing this will last until we can afford a new laptop (tax season I can not wait for you!).
Tylenol is my friend, both for Aidan's teeth and my head. I found the P.O.A. and got the bank mess straightened out and the money back! YAY!!!! Got my pin number sent in the mail, and re shampooed the carpets all the while taking deep breaths, and finding a way to giggle through it. All because my Mother and Father raised me to not let things get you down, and because my kids are amazing and my husband gave me words of encouragement and made me smile. Telling me he had complete confidence in me. Murphey, I tip my hat to you and say "Well played sir, well played".
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Rivka said...

I think this is what the old people call "the good stuff". Right?

Prayers headed your way, babe.